Zaxid (Ukraine): Israeli tour Putin

Soon, Putin may stand before the world in a totally new perspective. Such transformation can contribute to is scheduled for January 23 speech at the National memorial of Holocaust and heroism Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (the article was written on the eve of Putin’s visit to Israel — approx. ed.). To this point, Putin’s strategy was prepared for quite a long time. First they tried to convince the world that, in their interpretations, thanks to the Soviet victory in the great Patriotic war Russia has the exclusive right to dispose of territories and peoples. And when that didn’t work, because these people remembered the occupation, not liberation, trying to ride a new horse — combating anti-Semitism.

the Fight against anti — Semitism-the matter is very subtle, but can be extremely effective in international politics. For who will dare to doubt that the Holocaust was a catastrophe of global proportions? Who in his right mind and clear mind will deny that German anti-Semitism eventually resulted in a policy of genocide against the Jewish people? The civilized world thought about this historical phenomenon shaped by far and [the Holocaust] to be unconditionally condemned. But Hey, at what here Putin? The answer is both simple and extremely complex, but all in good time.

Putin did not manage to convince the world that Stalin’s victory right and pure. On the contrary, many countries became convinced that for modern Russia there is no such historical themes, which cannot be used as a tool for political struggle. Could not resist and the Holocaust. Once calmed down the wave of allegations [in the address] of Ukraine to be sympathetic to Nazism, a dirty avalanche rushed into Poland. Now Poland has become a major instigator of the Second world wars, and all poles in the crowd recorded the anti-Semites. And who did it? The heirs of Stalin and the Soviet Union?

In this story of the attempted transformation of Putin in the main fighter against anti-Semitism an important role is played by international Jewish organizations and the state of Israel. Without their consent, the Russian President would not even dare to step into this territory.

let’s Start with one of the “architects” of reincarnation Putin. Vyacheslav Kantor, businessman, entering the top thirty of the richest Russians, counteracting neo-Nazism, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism. A fighter for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The President of the European Jewish Congress, European Council on tolerance and reconciliation, informed together with former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, her co — chair. Kantor, President of the International Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe, the “world Holocaust forum”, Chairman of the political Council of the world Jewish Congress.

he was Awarded the Russian order of Friendship of peoples (1998), the order “For merit to the Republic of Poland” (2005), order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (2007), the medal “For merits in the field of tolerance” (Poland, 2011). He even was an adviser to President Yushchenko in 2005 — 2006. In 2019, the year appointed head of the Council of the National memorial of Holocaust and heroism Yad Vashem.

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VerAetna that this person is involved in “Jerusalem” reincarnation of Putin. Vysluzhivayas before Putin and guided by purely personal interests, Kantor pushed all the other Russian oligarchs of Jewish origin. Actually this is a disservice Yad Vashem, such as “Galician” oligarchs, like Fridman and Vekselberg are powerful financial donors of the Memorial. But they are at this event do not receive invitations. So Mr. Cantor in order to admire his superiority on the background of kings and presidents, as well as to become closer to Putin, could adversely affect the image of the revived Institute.

But in this context we are more interested in the world Holocaust forum, which was held on the results of the International forum “let my people live!”, which took place on 27 January 2005, in Cracow and was dedicated to the 60th anniversary since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. That forum was attended by many leaders, particularly Vladimir Putin, Vice President dick Cheney and then-President of Poland Kwasniewski. The fourth forum was held in Prague in 2015 under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic. Putin wasn’t on it. The year was not the most favorable for international travel.

the Current forum will be held in Jerusalem. You have to understand that Mr. Cantor took care of creation of favorable conditions for Vladimir Putin. His report is scheduled to be a major, and the rest of the international participants play the role if not of extras, the grateful listeners of the new “word of truth”.

One of the Israeli analysts have strongly criticized this event on his page in social networks: “In Jerusalem will host a forum of remembrance of the Holocaust, organized by the Russian oligarch Cantor on the basis of Yad Vashem. Main actionsuusim face there will be Putin. The forum will de facto serve an ideological campaign of the Kremlin of falsifying the history of the Holocaust for their own purposes. It will enshrine a policy of silence that it was the Soviet Union and Britain are responsible for what the Nazis in 1941 and 1942 changed the policy of expulsion on the plan of total extermination of the Jews of Europe. The Israeli government can now, under the current geopolitical circumstances in the region, go for a direct conflict with the Kremlin. But we, the citizens of the country can not afford to be silent. Not to betray the memory of six million murdered Jews”.

the organizers of the forum set by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda in a rather piquant situation. On the background of the “historical” conflict between Poland and Russia of the Polish President could not agree on the role of passive listeners Putin. So he turned to Yad Vashem with a request to provide him the opportunity to speak. What was refused. Therefore, the forum will be held without the Polish President, despite the fact that it will be dedicated to the event, which has a direct relationship to his country — the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Nazi-occupied Poland.

In this story there is nothing accidental. Thus Putin revenge to his Polish counterpart for the fact that he didn’t invite him to the celebration of events related to the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war. But how was it possible to invite the leader of the country, which glorifies Stalin and the Soviet justifies an aggressive policy? But Israel for reasons of personal safety decided to play along with Putin. For the Israeli political elite, practical arrangements with Putin concerning the safety of their country, were more important than history. They say, let him what he wants, and says the main thing is to have Nanasebut as little as possible rocket attacks on Israel. And Israeli historians “align” the internal debate in the country and views on the past will not undergo any changes.

But not so simple. Israel, agreeing to the fact that Putin will become the main fighter against anti-Semitism, risking so much to lose internationally. Even if he is not elected Putin in this role, the chief champion he had appointed himself, and Israel only played along, he becomes an accomplice of events for international whitening world pariah.

Now it remains to be seen how many of the appropriate people in the world refuse to participate in staged games save Putin’s image, because it does not need Putin to fight anti-Semitism. Here can’t help even Israeli historians who try to cool down Putin as “the liberator of the Jews from the concentration camps”, because the whole world will have a different picture. Many will gladly consider Israel an ally of Putin. First of all, it is Putin himself will make.

According to the statement of another Israeli analyst, “Prime Minister Netanyahu as a very clever seller of historical and virtual verbal overtures in exchange for future assistance and details on the part of Russia in the region, will try to exchange air, in fact, the story, the tangible future. This is not cooperation. This is a temporary use.”

In such approaches Israel feels the position that he stopped to consider the opinion of Europe because of its constant criticism of the right bias in politics and “transm”. That is why Israel is almost the only reliable ally the American President trump. And the main thing is not to cross the line to situational playing up to Putin was not too high a price for BPeminou benefit. It is important that the world began to perceive anti-Semitism as one of the most effective political technologies. Because it is extremely disrespectful of the memory of Holocaust victims and unacceptable from the point of view of modern political culture. Because the consequences can be unpredictable.

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