Sabah (Turkey): let us know what kind of world we live in!

two years have Passed since then, as the Berlin wall fell, but the Kremlin still hung the flag with the hammer and sickle.

At the time, but rather 1 Dec 1991, a mysterious scientist named Kanatjan Alibekov came to the United States as a member of the Soviet delegation, which consisted of 13 people.

Soviet officials haven’t thought that in respect of companies to research and develop biological weapons under the name Biopreparat in the West, was carried out serious intelligence work. So they are not worried about the travel doctor Alibekova, who was Deputy Director of this institution, in the United States.

But on 25 December 1991, Gorbachev resigned, and the flag with the hammer and sickle was removed.

two weeks after this Dr. Alibekov Canadian submitted to the Embassy a petition for political asylum. (It is known that those who met Alibekova in Washington, he asked questions like, “how much will I get if I’m to work here.”)

Another important Soviet specialist in conducting biological warfare Vladimir Pasechnik joined the ranks of the British. Pasechnik worked on “SuperCool” and “viruses, which waited for his time, that is resembled in a sense the bomb”. And what he said, was discouraged by Western experts. (Read more about this in the book Annie Jacobsen (Annie Jacobsen) “the Brain of the Pentagon”.)

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Bush and his allies in Europe have agreed to information about research in the field of biological warfare by viruses remained a secret. Did.

we only Know that USA and Russia continue their studies from the place where the Tips.


Like a scary black hole.

As is known, against the introduction of quarantine in the 11-million city of Wuhan in China as a result of the outbreak began to emerge, conspiracy theories and paranoid assumptions.

In a world where the States themselves began to resemble a separate “clandestine organization”, everything you can, twisting his lips to say: “of course, a conspiracy theory!”

Outbreak — a coincidence, an accident, very often or out of the ordinary.

All can be!

But the preparation for war by a virus, a new slaughterhouse, the creation of a new world order is very real.

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