Zelensky called the Soviet Union an originator of the Second world war

Photo credit: TASS/Zuma/Sergei Chuzavkov

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the Soviet Union is one of the culprits in the Second world war. This opinion he expressed during a visit to Poland.

“Poland and the Polish people first felt the conspiracy of totalitarian regimes,” said Zelensky. According to him, Europe and the world in General “have no right to remain silent, as it was in 1939”.

He stressed that “this led to the outbreak of the Second world war allowed the Nazis to launch deadly flywheel of the Holocaust,” reports RIA Novosti.

Speaking about the liberation by Soviet troops of the death camp “Auschwitz” (Auschwitz), the President avoided mention of the Soviet Union, however, told about the natives of Ukraine, participated in the operation.

foreign Minister of Israel Yisrael Katz previously noted the contribution of the red army in the victory over Nazism and thanked Vladimir Putin for the liberation by Soviet troops of Auschwitz.

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