The CPS will assist the who in the diagnosis of coronavirus

Photo credit: TASS/Zuma

the world health organization (who) has included the State scientific center of Virology and biotechnology “vector” in the register of European laboratories, assisting in the diagnosis of the novel coronavirus.

As reported in the CPS, the Agency “continues to work on the implementation of measures to prevent the importation 2019 new coronavirus-nCoV in Russia.” It is noted that the center “Vector” has developed two modern test systems for the diagnosis of the disease.

the CPS added that countries in need of diagnosis, will be able to go to “Vector”, where will promptly conduct the necessary research to identify the virus.

Previously, the CPS agreed to prepare physicians in Russia to the treatment of coronavirus and transfer of the hospital on a strict anti-epidemic regime. Doctors will practice history taking in patients with symptoms that do not exclude new coronavirus.

For the prevention of coronavirus, the Agency has issued recommendations for citizens. It is recommended to drink only bottled water, eat thermally processed food and to wash hands before eating and after visiting crowded places.

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