Zelensky covered the coronavirus the beginning of the sale of land

About 70% of the population do not support the bill, but now they are completely absorbed by the panic in the background of the pandemic. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in first reading adopted a law authorizing the sale of land and prohibiting its nationalization. The document was voted by the majority of deputies from “Servants of the people”, “European solidarity” and “the Voice.” Made only against the “Fatherland” and “the Opposition platform” did not vote, saying that he would challenge the legality of the bill. In the end, the document adopted by 259 votes of the people, opposed by 24 MP, 3 abstained, and 29 ignored the vote.

If the opponents of the bill will not achieve its cancellation, 2024 Ukrainians will be able to start to buy land, but not more than 100 hectares in one hand. 2024 lots size will increase to 10 thousand hectares. And the area of Chernigov, for example, 8 thousand hectares. Thus in 2024 the buyers can only be natural persons, and in 2024 they will be joined legal entity. Foreigners to the sale of Ukraine will only allow the sweat to the results of the referendum, which could take place before the end of 2024.

the President of the Republic Vladimir Zelensky argues that the law is necessary to ensure that the country was able to obtain a loan from the IMF without which it will not survive in the fight against coronavirus, the economic crisis and so on.

In this vicious circle of threats of destruction of everything official Kiev decided to violate its own rules to fight the infection is to hold an extraordinary session of Parliament to consider the issue on the ground. But like the best, but it turned out as always. Document started to be considered during the regular session, and under Ukrainian law in the same format for him was to vote. But Zelensky obviously in a hurry. So I went on the violation by convincing the deputies to convene an extraordinary session and it quickly “close the issue”.

With what it can be connected, “MK” has found out from the experts:

Konstantin Bondarenko, head of the Fundand the “Ukrainian politics”:

the Adoption of the land law was one of the requirements of the International monetary Fund and one of the conditions for granting Ukraine financial assistance. Some economists surrounded by Zelensky was offered to make a Declaration of default and waiver of the conditions of the IMF. Zelensky did not dare and did everything to push through concessions to the IMF. Voting is “Voice” and “European solidarity” was predictable – both factions are not fundamentally objected to the law of the land. The surprise was that the President’s faction gave too many votes – in fact, there was a demarche of the Kolomoisky group. The second surprise was the vote of the group “Trust” is a significant part of the representatives of this group had previously taken the opposite position. To talk about mass protests in the conditions of the quarantine and the start of sowing is hardly necessary. Moreover, the adopted law takes into account a number of mitigating measures is limited to the amount of land that can be bought, the question of the sale of land to foreigners put to a referendum. Thus, the widespread protests have not yet anticipated.

Alexei Yakubina, the Ukrainian analyst:

– the Quarantine has significantly strengthened the socio-economic crisis in Ukraine. In fact, Zelensky burned all the bridges to the adoption of the land law seemed inevitable. However, the conditions of quarantine makes it difficult to implement the document. Of course, Zelensky even during his presidential campaign, advocated the creation of a land market. But time was lost, and by the time the presidential vote even faction split. In particular, to support the land market refused deputies loyal to Igor Kolomoisky. “Democratic centralism” is no longer working. With regard to the procedural moment, in the first reading the law was adopted with violation of the procedure for two reasons: you can not vote for the document at an extraordinary session if it started to consider at once, and you can’t start a session of the Parliament in one day and finish it in the Drwhoi. The law of the land began to discuss the afternoon of 30 March, and voted for him during the night of 31 March. To go by the rules, it was necessary to close one session and open another. The procedure will certainly be challenged. Of course, today, the constitutional court largely accompanies the President, but in principle, there is every reason to wrap up the document. Zelensky may think that sweetened the pill of the population due to the fact that the law will come into force only in 2024 and in 2024, but it’s unlikely someone is seriously calm. The number dissatisfied with the opening of a land market during its discussions increased from 50 to 70%. But while mass protests are expected. People immersed in discussion of coronavirus”.