Zhirinovsky will tell young people about the kinds of love on February 14

Photo: TASS/Anton novoderezhkin

Vladimir Zhirinovsky will deliver a lecture for young people on Valentine’s Day. He said this to journalists, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

According to him, to talk about love he will be in his office.

“There is a love at first sight, love is evil – fall in love with a goat, never married – not getting married and “stop the music, dancing with another girl is mine.” On this subject I talk to young people,” – said Zhirinovsky.

he Also stressed that such an event no one will hold throughout Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the city libraries and cultural centers has prepared a special program for Valentine’s Day. Only about 60 scheduled events. They will be held from 12 to 15 February. Muscovites waiting for concerts, master classes in pole-dancing, performances, lectures and more.

in addition, on Valentine’s Day the newlyweds will hand over Souvenirs from the trunk of the Kremlin eat in the form of a base for rings and seeds the Kremlin Christmas tree.

Also on February 14, Muscovites will be able to admit the feelings of her lover with the big media screen. The online-marathon “Moscow confessions” will run from 10:00 to 22:00.

How to spend Valentine’s Day in Moscow

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