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In the middle of a league descabezada, lacking a candidate who firmly grasp the helm of the competition, the Madrid let slip away against Betis the chance to be placed back in the bow. Sergio Ramos, perhaps the commanding officer with more tables, justified so the dizziness which affected a Madrid that seemed with the stomach relaxed after the last thrashing of the san jose three days earlier. “It is the reality of football in which we live. It is increasingly difficult to beat any team. Can’t give any match won and that is what makes our league is the best in the world,” said the captain of Madrid. “We knew it was a very good opportunity to make ourselves leaders,” continued the central. “The team has struggled and has sought the victory, but we were not successful in front of goal. The attitude and team defensive work have been very good, but it is also important to Betis, which is a team that wants to have the ball. We left with a sour taste because we have lost a very good opportunity to begin to make a difference”, concluded Ramos in his analysis in field.

In the same line is positioned Zidane, who also wanted to put in value the coliderato of the competition. “Is failing all over the world. Others have also lost a few points and there are no longer small teams, or modest, to which you can win easily. That’s why we like this championship. We will have to work more to be able to string together three or four victories, but neither are we doing so bad, honestly,” said the frenchman. He would not prosecute the coach of Madrid the hand of Feddal in the final stretch of the encounter that the referee has not pointed out as to the penalty spot. “I’m not going to get on to the work of the arbitrators. I saw the hand, but it is the interpretation of the referee. We have made a good match, especially in the first 45 minutes, where we had chances and we only missed the goal”, he replied. “We’re not going to shove all of the games five goals as the other day,” he later added.

The Real Madrid attempted 22 shots to Betis, more than any other team that has remained unchecked in a match of LaLiga this season. The whites tied at zero a game league at the Santiago Bernabeu for the first time since September of 2018 with Atletico Madrid and for the first time, with Zidane as a coach. Courtois, who has stopped seven of the last eight shots on goal in the League after conceding four goals in the previous six, he has already left his goal to zero in three consecutive matches in all competitions for the second time as a goalkeeper of Madrid, for the first time since December of 2018. But, put the lock, they failed to aim at the targets before another goalkeeper was remarkable.

“We have finished tucked back, but we are happy for the point. We needed to add here. We need to get some confidence, we know that we are not at the best level. We have to give a little more”, said the goalkeeper Joel, who completed a great performance despite the completion of the match without a lens. “The truth is that I did not see anything for this eye,” he said between laughter. “Our intention is to always be protagonists, but we had to face a lord rival,” admitted Ruby, happy with the point they collected their equipment from a second leg of the Betis escaped for the third season in a row without receiving a goal.


The Madrid falls short against Betis

Modric, back in the eleven after overcoming his injury, it was clear that their performance in the field would require more tuning with the attackers, something that Valverde, his substitute in recent games and is absent because of a technical decision against Betis, has been highlighted in each occurrence in the eleven. During the match, the Madrid missed the torn of the uruguayan, an argument that has been gripped lately by the computer to try to escape those silences that have a tendency. “Although I don’t play Fede the others also do well,” said the technician, who did not want to get to appreciate the dimension of the absence of the footballer that more progress has been made with him on the bench.

despite the goalless draw against Betis, Zidane wanted to hang on to the lack of goals conceded to try to see the glass as half full. “We’ve kept our clean sheet and that’s great news for us. It is true that we have lost two points at home, that we had to have won with the chances we created, but you have to be positive,” he concluded.

Betis out of the Bernabeu with the door to zero for the third year in a row

Betis, who arrived at the Bernabeu as the team’s most goleado of LaLiga, with 21 goals against in the 11 days preceding, came out of Chamartín as the first in the entire history of the competition that links three consecutive seasons without conceding a goal in the stadium of Madrid (0-1; 0-2; and 0-0 in the last three courses). “My players have made a huge effort of concentration, work, tactical, and intensity in the moments that touched them. Get a draw and even have some option to transform a scoring chance is to be very satisfied,” said Rubi.

The technical betis had to improvise again to your alignment. Due to the low, put Marc Bartra pivot defensive: “I want to thank you for your effort in a position that obviously is not theirs. We have the injury of Javi Garcia and William Carvalho and we don’t have anyone in that position. I am very happy because in four days we have played two games and is helping us in many things,” assessed Rubi, walking a tightrope over a week ago and reinforced now after the victory against Celtic and a draw in Chamartín.

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