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Cheered while sewed the tunnel of a Bernabéu which saw a young lad with a ball under the arm, Rodrygo grabbed not only the attention while that sphere, which now was hers rolled in the grass, but also in the press rooms and in the hallways of a building surrendered to their feet. “His game is a joy,” said Zidane delivered. “I’m not surprised nothing from him. He’s a quality player, who has come here to do what you are doing. This is only the beginning and I wish I could follow as well, of all forms, we must be calm with him,” said the frenchman, before highlighting a very particular and very unusual for a player of 18 years. “By pointing out something I would say that his intelligence is ready. He learns very quickly, wants to improve. Technically it is very good, just have to improve the physical,” added the coach of Madrid.

The protagonist of so much praise proved that this calm in front of goal has also in front of the microphones. “Things are going very fast,” be honest Rodrygo. “My life is going very fast in the Real Madrid”, he added after, before, like when you pull a crop, stand, hit. “I have a lot of calm, very quiet. I think that’s why they are leaving things well”, said the footballer, the youngest to accomplish a hat-trick perfect (after marking head, with the right leg and the left) in Europe at 18 years and 301 days, surpassing the record of Mbappé (20 years and 306 days). “I’ve fulfilled a dream listening to the Bernabeu chant my name,” he confessed.


Rodrygo graduates to big with three goals to Galatasaray Rodrygo, a rookie record

“we are Not surprised what does,” added Carvajal, who in the second goal for Benzema signed his fifth assist of the season. “Training is very good, and today [for yesterday] has scored three goals and has given assistance. Little better can be done”, he pointed to the side. “I see him with the mind very clear to be 18 years of age. Not only of character, but by how it plays. May follow as well”, it was discovered Kroos. “Is 18 years old and not afraid”, rounded off Benzema. “Play the ball and I love when I see a young man that plays well,” assessed the frenchman, with his doublet reached 50 goals and topped the mark of Di Stefano in Europe, although not wanted to be compared with the myth of argentina. “I don’t consider myself a legend. When I signed for this club was a dream and now I feel very good as I am. If I can help my team to reach the maximum level, I will continue to do so,” said the frenchman.

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