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When they come badly given, Zinedine Zidane remains the type to try to prevent the tide will drag you to ports in which a word sounds more high than another. Yesterday, after the Madrid crew defeated the san jose with a match immaculate, the French technician wanted to deny the major, for if in this case the waves carried more than one into the euphoria. “It is not the party I liked most of the season, nor the best,” he said. Consulted by what to him had seemed best, he highlighted the victories over Celtic (1-3) and Galatasaray (0-1). “The best thing is for the five goals and that’s what it seems, but not for me”.

The only penalty for Madrid is their third best win of the season according to his coach, which was achieved way more comfortable and with better taste, they saw only 53.870 spectators, the entry is more loose in what is of course at the Santiago Bernabeu. While the hours, the day and the opponent is not invited to the clutter, the good play of the team, staged by a 3-0 in 25 minutes of the game, the sequence of goals more rapid for whites until the moment (in front of the Granada needed to 61 and ended with 4-2), painted in bright colours a night grey and served to finish with some of those passages in black-and-white in which he has traveled during the past few months.

In the largest victory in League Madrid from 2017 (then beat Celtic 6-0), and in the second match in which Courtois left his clean sheet at home (the last was in February before the Alavés last season), any passage of the duel was a mention for a player. Rodrygo, for example, returned to take his second title in a row, and signed the second goal of the season after receiving the first of two assists that he gave in the match Benzema, which adds four of this course, the more along with Carvajal, that he drew with his delivery in both Jovic.

“Rodrygo is a player and count with him as the others,” said Zidane. “Benzema is a great player. Gives us a lot of confidence and it is easier to play”, he praised, for its part, the brazilian, who scores two goals with just three shots, a fact that shines even more when compared with the 24 that needed to Vinicius to reach this mark. “Nothing has happened to him, is a player like the others. Now he has touched him, come out of the call, but it doesn’t mean anything,” said Zidane about his absence yesterday. “What better thing to think about is that last year was not a Hazard, and is now on its site. You have to keep working because we’re going to have it,” he expanded the French.


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“I’m very happy with everything that is going on. Everything goes very fast and I wasn’t expecting it”, recognized for its part Rodrygo, which changed on several occasions-of-band with Hazard. “I don’t have a preference for the left or the right,” he confessed. “Rodrygo has personality and each time is better on the computer”, he was acknowledged by Zidane, who also wanted to make a special mention to Jovic, that he got his first goal as a madridista, just after that you anulasen the second target of the course. “When you play a few minutes you have to take advantage of them, and Luka needed the goal. Has shown that is a goal scorer”, he completed.

“Vinicius and Rodrygo are very close friends, but this fight that keep it is important for Madrid. The two are fighting for the play,” said Casemiro, who completed her 12th game of the season, and has only been replaced on one occasion, before the Lift. “I don’t know when it will rest Casemiro. For the moment not, we are well as well,” admitted Zidane. “I want to play it all,” said the half-brazilian, who with 1,140 minutes in your legs, leads the standings ahead of Benzema with 1.041.

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