Hurricanes: forecasting three months in advance possible

The prediction of hurricanes could be in the future by using a new approach, already three months in advance. This would give the hurricanes threatened regions more time to focus on preparing for the event, and may help reduce the resulting damage....

Past appearance: Fine cream fish fillet on a terminate Alternative concert

According to the ZDF cancelled concert at the Dessau Bauhaus, the Band has announced "Fine cream fish fillet", to the night still in the city. Wrote the musician on Facebook. A place they announced that they were not. The ZDF...

Men in age only really sexy. Women, don’t you?

After the third wine, and on the last night of my holiday it keeps my Croatian landlord. "I'm not a lesbian," she says. "But I wanted to tell you how beautiful you are." Then you are looking at Instagram to a fashion...

Police Department in Ludwigshafen: Car collides with 12 – Year-old on sidewalk

After the Boy confirms that he's okay, leaves the driver of a vehicle accident. Since the Boy suffered a thigh strain in the area of the spine has a bruise, asked the driver to contact the police Frankenthal. The driver was a...

Germering, close to Munich: police shoot fleeing ATMs-Sprenger

The police in Germering, close to Munich, a suspected ATM-Sprenger shot and injured. With an accomplice of the man I want to crack on early Wednesday morning, a vending machine, a spokesman said. Special units came to the two of you, but...


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Canadian Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have produced a study that reveals an individual is killed by a drunk driver in Canada every half an hour....