Such as walking to the Event is made

Hardly trail-Tester Klaus Erber has unpacked his minibus in front of the village chapel, parked, and clipboard, GPS unit and camera, note the first plus point is that, Vis-à-vis the chapel, a vending machine, where you can liver sausage, fresh egg noodles,...

Forward loan: these are the Top provider

if you would like to buy a property or build generally takes a home loan. The loan is to pay a fixed interest rate and a certain duration. After interest rate lock-in is run for the first real-estate loans is usually a...

E-Sports: the favorites to win The League-of-Legends-title

There were the two last games of the preliminary round, in which all League-of-Legends-Fans became more than clear that the existing Asian domination, could come to these Worlds for the first time in a Long time, to falter. In the decision to...

Chalk teeth: When children’s teeth to discolor and crumble

In the case of the molar-inclined incisors-Hypomineralisation, in short, MIH, is not formed in the protective tooth enamel during the development of the teeth properly. The result: a Permanent children's teeth to be stained, to crumble, to catch. The reasons for the...

Sankt Augustin: Two people die in plane crash

When a small plane crash in Sankt Augustin two people have been killed. The plane crashed at midday on a free field in the vicinity of an aerodrome, such as the fire and rescue services. For the two inmates came too late...


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Ticks: the maximum inflammation of TBE state at the time of...

In Germany have fallen ill in the past year, an above average number of people by ticks the summer of communicable early,...