The expert said that the service sector were under the main blow of the crisis for the first time

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Chief researcher of the Institute of world economy and international relations Rostislav Kapelyushnikov said that services were under the main blow of the crisis for the first time, reports IA “NSN”.

Kapelyushnikov explained that under the previous crises companies from service sectors mostly suffered less than others. Prior to that, in difficult economic situations, according to him, the suffered workers of material production.

“we Can say that to minimize the loss of demand for their services is impossible. You can only compensate for their possible losses in earnings. But it is a matter of state,” the expert added.

Earlier it was reported that on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection profession service industries became the least popular. Demand fell for the job of waiter, cook, security guard, event managers, fitness trainers.

the Loss is felt also in the hotel and restaurant business. The number of vacancies has increased, however, in March the rate decreased significantly.

the number of remote jobs during the month increased in Russia as a whole at 71%, in Moscow – by 25 percent. The number of resumes of candidates for remote working increased by 220 percent.

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