Snow and gusty winds are expected Monday in Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita Simonov

cloudy weather, snow and gusty winds are expected in Moscow on Monday, March 30. About it reports site “Meteonovosti”.

Experts claim about severe weather changes in the region. So, in Moscow noticeably colder, it will be windy and overcast.

weather Forecasters say that the day the capital region will be dominated by frontal zones.

“the Maximum temperature in Moscow range from minus 1 to plus 1 degree, on area – from 2 degrees to 3 degrees,” – told the experts.

this will blow North wind with gusts up to 15 meters per second.

“the atmospheric pressure in the middle of the day will be 745 mm Hg. The relative humidity is 70 percent,” according to the website.

Experts say that the atmospheric pressure fluctuations will be felt. No matter feel citizens of the manifestations of chronic oxygen, cardiac and respiratory failure.

About the worsening weather in Moscow previously warned in the MOE. It was reported that the city is expecting snow and strong wind.

TMS urged Muscovites not to go on the road on summer tires. It was reported that the city is expected cold snap.

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