The Opel Manta B with a six-cylinder is a Irmscher i2800

a Spoiler, wide tyres, lowered suspension: Manta riders have always been creative, in order to make your car faster, at least visually. The relatively small engine with a modest 55 to a maximum of 110 HP. Whether N, S, or GT/E Opel...

Boat license: What license you need for what area?

Many sailing schools offer special license rates, some providers have specialized in the ticket aspirants in a compact weekend seminars in a beautiful area to prepare for the exam. The various licences and certificates issued by the German sailing Association (DSV), build...

Vintage Opel Diplomat B: on-the-Go with the upper class of the 70s

Opel and upper class? That closes somehow. Even if you can drive the price of the Insignia, with a bit of individual equipment to over 70,000 euros, the Opel on the road to the first League as far as the Offenbacher Kickers...

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport: Front, Ferrari rear, Las Vegas

The Corvette is so red and so wide and so loud that bike riders be careful. With this car it is always somehow on the Highway. Cross over six lanes to switch at the gas station for a Coke to drink and...

Driving report of the Porsche 911 is So good is the new sports car

August Achleitner, has a Job, to him, any engineer envious. Not to mention sports car-lovers. Achleitner is in charge at Porsche, the development of the 911 and is, therefore, something like the guardians of the pure sports car theory. Most of the...


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The end of the Pochettino era: sports betting – sympathizes...

The Argentine specialist has long been on the brisk of resignation, but every time various circumstances helped him to keep his post. On November...