Putin spoke of vesting the governors with additional powers

Photo: screenshot of the TV channel Moscow 24

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Russians outlined additional powers of regional governors.

He stressed that this is due to the necessity of preventive measures in the regions. Putin said that measures to combat the threat of the spread of coronavirus should be based on the particular situation established in the Russian regions.

In the appeal to the Russians, Putin thanked citizens for observance of a mode of self-isolation. He noted that this, coupled with the introduction of non-working weeks is allowed to buy time for pre-emptive action and to mobilize all authorities.

Putin Also said that non-working week will be extended until the end of April with a loss of wages. He noted that the authorities, pharmacies and shops with goods of first necessity will continue its work.

Putin emphasized that the peak of the pandemic coronavirus is currently not passed neither in Russia nor in the world.

In recent days, Russia has recorded 771 cases of infection with coronavirus. Only on the territory of the Russian Federation registers 3548 episodes of infection. 235 people were discharged from hospitals, 30 patients were victims of COVID-19.

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