Munich – Instead of our cafe list, Google, or assessment-to survey Apps such as Yelp and Tripadvisor, we have collected the favorite addresses of our readers from Munich and the surrounding area. The result and all the addresses and reviews are clearly summarized.

The Cake shop

address: Duke street 84, 80796 München-Schwabing

the creation of a reader: “Every Morning the Team decides spontaneously which cake is baking. A nice Surprise.“

Homepage of the cake workshop

pastry Detterbeck

address: Agnes-Bernauer-Straße 89, 80687 München-Laim

Homepage of the pastry Detterbeck

pastry Widmann

address: Heigl Hofstra 11, 81377 Munich-Grosshadern

Homepage of the pastry Widmann

Patisserie Lehmann

address: pilgrims Heimer road 48, 81543 München-Giesing

the creation of a reader: “A dream of cupcakes.”

Homepage of Patisserie Lehmann

Café Wettersteinplatz

address: Wetterstein Platz 3, 81547 München-Giesing

There is no Homepage.

cafe cat temple

address: tuerkenstrasse 29, 80799 München-Maxvorstadt

home page of the vegan cafes cat temple

Café Ignaz

address: Georgenstr. 67, 80799 München-Maxvorstadt

justification from a reader: “The best vegan cake.”

It has no Homepage.

The cherry-pickers

address: Schellingstraße 15, 80799 Munich-Maxvorstadt


Café Münchner Freiheit

address: Muenchner Freiheit 20, D-80802 Munich-Schwabing

Homepage of the café Münchner Freiheit


address: Theatinerstraße 32, d-80333 Munich-Altstadt

the creation of a reader: “Because the little tarts don’t look only noble, but also taste.”

Homepage of Maelu

cake gossip

address: rural mountain road 59, 80339 Munich-schwanthaler höhe

Homepage of cake gossip

And now we have a list of the cafes, the Benediktbeuern in the Munich area, in the opinion of our readers the best cakes and pies to serve:

bakery and pastry Lugauer

address: dorfstraße 37, 83671 Benediktbeuern

Homepage of the bakery and confectionery Lugauer


Konditorei-cafe-and-white Beck

address: Felix-Wankel-Strasse 5, 85221 Dachau

justification: This address is among those who have called our readers the most.

Homepage of the pastry shop-cafes-and-white Beck


Café Restaurant Stärkl‘s

address: The mill-race 7, 85435 Erding

Homepage of cafe Restaurant Stärkl‘s



address: leitzachtal road 68, 83730 Fischbachau

Homepage of the angle stüberls


Chocolaterie Muschler

address: Obere Hauptstraße 43, 85354 Freising

Homepage of Chocolaterie Muschler


Candy & Bread

address: Schleißheimer Straße 12a, 85748 Garching near Munich

justification from a reader: “All the cakes made according to old recipes. The taste like grandma’s.“

There is no Homepage.


Petite Amelie Patisserie & Café

address: Starnberger Straße 23, 82131 Gauting

Homepage of cafe Petite Amelie

green forest:

Lang‘s Caféserie

address: castle street, 23, 82031 grünwald

Homepage of Lang’s Caféserie



address: village straße 29, 85737 Ismaning

Homepage of Waldeck


pastry shop Helmut Slanitz

address: Jägerstraße 18, 85757 karlsfeld

the creation of a reader: “Super quality and very tasty, and not excessively expensive.”

Homepage of the pastry Helmut Slanitz


Café am Münster

address: On the Plan 13, 85368 Moosburg

the creation of a reader: “All the cakes are highly recommended, but the Best of the Best is the chocolate cake with the white polka dots.”

Homepage of cafe am Münster

Markt indersdorf:


address: Ried 11, 85229 Markt indersdorf

Homepage of the Bumbaurhof-farm-cafes


Bäckerei-Konditorei-Café on site

address: gautinger Straße 3, 82061 Neuried

the creation of a reader: “excellent! The simple box cake. Who box like to a great ganten cake on the Fast on Sundays, with all-natural ingredients, is not a piece of dry, and who is just too lazy you can bake yourself: Go there!“

Homepage of the site


Strobl host

address: dorfstraße 6, 82386 Oberhausen

Homepage from Strobl host


Café Central

address: Hauptplatz 5, 86971 Peiting

Homepage of cafe Central

Pfaffenhofen an der Glonn:

Farfallina’s Patisserie

address: road 4, 85235 Pfaffenhofen an der Glonn

Homepage of Farfallina’s Patisserie


Café life is Beautiful

address: camp road 25a, 82178 Puchheim

the creation of a reader: “cake, Cakes, small pastries and chocolates from the Finest.“

Homepage of the café is beautiful


Café Isarfräulein

address: Bahnhofplatz 3, 82049 Pullach im Isartal

Homepage of the cafes Isarfräulein

Unterhaching live:

The blue-and-white cake sky.

address: Hauptstraße 74, 82008 Unterhaching

There is no Homepage.


Konditorei Klaus

address: Bahnhofstraße 19, 83627 Warngau

Homepage of the Konditorei Klaus

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