Munich – The attack came without warning. As a 57-Year-old on Monday afternoon, his door-to-door in turns, opened, he had to fear suddenly, to his life. Because before him stood Ilir D. (33). The young man is said to have brandished a knife and immediately go to the electrical engineers inserted. The attacker fled, the victim was seriously injured but survived. Ilir D. was taken shortly thereafter. He was probably in a mental state of exception.

Ilir D. had stepped in front of the brutal fact never prosecuted in appearance, explains detective chief Commissioner Mathias Heidtmann of the Munich homicide. But two months ago, an event that threw him completely off track. The building cleaner, a native of Munich with Kosovan nationality, lost his Job. “This break in the CV of the suspects could be associated with the fact,” says Heidtmann.

Ilir D.’s mental state was after the turn of the year is always critical. On 5. January, he dived under, his cell phone he left in his apartment. Family members were concerned, started in the social media in a desperate search. On Tuesday, D. bat s sister to support.

Apparently, Walker had seen your brother in a forest in the Siemens plants in Sendling. What didn’t the sister sat at this point in time, Ilir D. already in custody. The day before he should have, in turns, the electrical engineer prior to its door-to-door with a knife in the chest rammed. The victim survived thanks to heavy opposition. A Vorbeziehung between Ilir D. and the 57-Year-old, it was, according to police. The Zamdorfer was apparently attacked at random and nearly killed. On the same day D. was taken at the Zamilapark. What has he done in the time between his Disappearance and the fact is unclear. The 33-Year-old now sits in a mental hospital.

J. Heininger

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