Eching – The FT spoke with Echings Coach Marcus Hot on the chances against Vatanspor and the ambitions of their own in the top group.

at The start, there was a significant victory against the League leaders, after all, is your neighborhood Association. How is following this success, the mood in the team?

Well, of course the mood is not very good. A Derby is always something Else I have to explain to anyone. The table leader was beaten, of course makes it even more beautiful. To me it is very happy for the guys – it was the perfect Start.

On Sunday, it goes right back against the top riders. What is their to trust you in this duel with Vatanspor?

This is a very heavy game. Vatanspor was the best team against which we played in the first half of the season. In the winter break they reinforced also pretty lightweight, it is not so sure. We need to retrieve, therefore, again put in a performance like last Saturday, in order to have a Chance: The willingness to run and the application will be crucial. On Sunday my young team can prove that she is capable of consistently good performance. We have nothing to lose. Vatanspor wants to and must win the game, if you want to upgrade. We can let go in this encounter.

The first leg against Vatanspor was pretty turbulent. At the break, their team was still 2:1 in the front, at the end you are but with 2:5 under the wheels come. What Lessons have you drawn from this game?

That was a very good game. Because it took place during the week, we were able to push some of the replacements of the First down and were very well prepared. After the break, Vatanspor has made quite quickly with three goals, and the thing after that, cleverly down played. The victory was well earned on all cases, but it is a, two goals too high failed. I think on Sunday it can run very positive, but also very bad if the Turks play in a frenzy. This is sure to be very interesting – I am really looking forward to this game.

After the recent victory against Dieter’s home, only five points are on the rise relegation place. You switched up?

A resounding no! We are not to far off – especially since Vatanspor and Istanbul Moosburg even has two games less in the account than we do. I think that the three-away up there, only each other’s points. The “Smaller” you will be hit in the normal case, all. I think the championship will decide between the two Turkish teams. Maybe it remains even until the last round is exciting, where you meet each other directly.



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