Heather Brough lives with her fiancé, Josh Higgins and his daughter in the guest house of your mother-in-law Kris. There have wearing your statements, according to some strange things. The Most frightening so far, however, have been the scratch you discovered on the cheek of your baby.

mother leaves the Baby for a short time alone, Then Weird is wearing a to

Heather had her daughter, Lily, only 20 minutes alone in the cot to sleep, as she noticed three deep scratches on her cheek, as the Online Portal, reports the Mirror. First of all, you adopted, the child would have scratched in my sleep, but when you look at the Baby-Cam from her froze the blood in the veins: The images show a Ghost-like creature that prefers to Lily’s crib, before it dissolves in the air.

Heather and her fiance this is now the final character to pack your things and leave the guest house. In the weeks before, you’ve noticed strange operations in the premises: So you heard constantly loud shouting, Laughing, or Pounding without anyone present would have been.

Also interesting: a student registered noises from the closet as she opens the door, she looks Disturbing.

Evil spirits? The house has a dark past

Even your mother-in-law Kris, who lives with her husband in the main building, is convinced of paranormal activity. It is already experts had been called in this area, have confirmed the presence of spirits. In the main house have lived for around eleven years ago, an older lady who was coming down the stairs and fell and the hip broke. Then you have to go undetected for a long time situated there before she died. The guest house is said to have lived also her brother, shortly after you died, and schizophrenia suffered.

Heather is, therefore, sure that the scratch on the cheek of her daughter in “The spirit. I don’t know what his intentions are, but we have arrived at a point where he attacks us physically.”

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