Santa Ana/Liverpool – The Duo was just about to create its breakthrough. So successful Indie Band was and’s with their new Album “Invitation to Forth” that the young musician Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading in the spring, toured for the second Time by the United States. 19 sold-out performances were according to the Label on your tour schedule. On Wednesday, her last of US was planned Gig in the Californian city of Santa Ana. But the two never arrived. Together with your Tour Manager, Trevor Engelbrektson, the‘s musicians got into a car accident. All three of them died.

The Label Heist Or Hit, this is confirmed on Facebook to officially say farewell to the musicians and their Manager. The energy and Talent of Fitzpatrick and Laading have defined the Label. They were warm and soft people, the Humor had. Their music is melodic, funny and entertaining, but was no less complex, writes the Label.

“you were in America and played for thousands of enthusiastic Fans.” Also, the two musicians have spent time with their Fans, writes Heist Or Hit. “The world was at your feet. Everyone at the Label is overwhelmed and desperate. We have lost our friends, and the world will be denied your Talent.“

Indie-Band’s dies in tragic accident in California: “they were so close to the place you wanted”

“This is heartbreaking,” writes an American under the Post. “You were so close, almost arrived… I am very taken and send my condolences to the families of the three men. I am so hurt that this happened.“

write: “I adore their music and their energy on stage was brilliant. They were really lovable types, and the musical Knowledge of the two young men was exceptional. Whenever someone has a music recommendation asked, I have recommended a couple of years ago for the first time. I will continue to do so.“

UK Band’s dies in car accident: “they loved each other like brothers”

to describe the young men, explained the Label in his farewell post To say on Facebook the special friendship of the two musicians Fitzpatrick and Laading: “that they were each other have been close would be an understatement of this friendship, which was beautiful; they loved each other like brothers.”

‘s were already many Indie Fans, the Song “Cool with you” garnered approximately 13 million Plays on Spotify, “Marcel” tens of millions. In the case of Facebook 16.350 people in the Band, there were already – they are now in great sorrow, as well as family and friends of the deceased.

Tragic loss

at the beginning of March also died, the singer’s 33-year-old Janice Freeman. Miley Cyrus sang at the memorial service for The Voice contestant. For several days, the world is mourning in addition to the actor Joseph “Joe” Pilato, some Fans taught in the Horror cult film “Day of the Dead” so to Fear. Fans will also mourn Ranking Roger. The singer was part of a seminal Band. Now he died at the age of only 56 years.



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