A criminal case on the fact of theft of 165 thousand rubles from the card of the actor of theatre

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

the actor of theatre “Lenkom” Alexei Zherebtsov, known under the pseudonym of Alexey Skuratov, unknown stole from the Bank card 165 thousand rubles. On this fact criminal case is brought, informs the Agency “Moscow” with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies.

“we Received a complaint from Zherebtsov Alexey working as the artist of the drama in GBUK “Lenkom Theatre”, that an unknown person has performed a call to the subscriber number Zherebtsova, posing as a Bank employee, received the information on the owned credit card, then the cards made an unauthorized withdrawal of funds”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, a doctor ultrasound the unknown a roguish way has stolen the money from a credit card. The victim told police that she was called Jane DOE and it was presented by employee of the Bank. The swindler cheated to get a Bank card and stole about 383 thousand.

In February this year, the police detained in the Moscow region suspected of stealing 250 thousand rubles from pensioner. Taking advantage of the gullibility of the old man, 24-the summer inhabitant of Balashikha were performed for a set of knives, linens and personal hygiene products. In addition, the man stole a woman’s purse.

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