The history of Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, known as the Little Nicholas, will be told in a documentary series that prepares Zebra Productions, as confirmed by the production company to this newspaper following the advance of the news in ECD. In 2014, Gómez Iglesias, who was then 20 years old, became famous after being arrested for fraud and usurping of public functions. The project, which is talking with the own protagonist, is in the development stage, as counted from the production company, which currently can not provide further details.

“we’re in the initial phase and there is much work to be done. There is so much information that they have to classify it”, he said yesterday Gómez Churches in THE COUNTRY. The small Nicholas began his career of alleged lies told about the youth organisation of New Generations of the Popular Party. Little by little she was making a hole in the party, where their presence was so common that no one wondered ever who it was and what it did. He ended up pretending to even by the agent of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI).

In may of this year, the trial against Gomez Churches in the Provincial court of Madrid was suspended by renouncing his lawyer to represent him. “Unfortunately we have had to suspend the trial by duress and pressure to my legal, and it prevents me from exercising my right of defense,” said then the defendant. The attorney resigned to making statements about his exit. It is not expected to resume the trial until the next year. The small Nicholas was acquitted of the offence of defamation and slander to the CNI in may of 2018, after considering the court that there was “lack of typicality”.

In recent years, Gómez Iglesias, who has even founded his own political party, Influence Young, has participated in several television programs. What did in Big Brother VIP in 2016 in Telecinco, where he was the first participant to be evicted from the famous house of Guadalix. And more recently in the Roast Battle, of Comedy Central, where he had a confrontation comedian with comedian David Suarez, who did not hesitate to influence heavy jokes about his alleged contact with the Royal House, or Jose Maria Aznar.

The producer will present the project to multiple streaming services in Spain for its production and distribution such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, according to EDC. With the last platform, Zebra already works in the series, The Cid, on the character medieval Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, who will be played by the actor Jaime Lorente (which was released with The house of paper with the role of Denver).


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