“The Spain that brings together” is the title which gives its name to a manifesto promoted by founders of Citizens, rulers of the PSOE and intellectuals to ask for an agreement between PP, PSOE and Citizens after the 10 of November. The initiative, which has been announced this afternoon in Madrid, urges the three parties to agree on a stable Government and a common position on Catalonia, and to refuse any dialogue and agreement with the pro-independence “who defy the Constitution.” The text is the first in the group, that constitutes the “opinion club” and have offered the former French prime minister and councillor of Barcelona, Manuel Valls, the co-founder of Citizens Francesc de Carreras, the exdirigente PES Nicolás Redondo Terreros, José María Múgica (son of the socialist Fernando Múgica, killed by ETA) and the jurist Elisa of the Nut.


Valls studies to be submitted to the catalans as the first stage of a project nacionalz Citizens bears in his program to prohibit grants to entities that do “advocacy of separatism”

“we’re here because we want to join forces and get this country to overcome the pitfalls, this moment of fragility, that threaten the coexistence and democracy”, stated Manuel Valls. The mayor of Barcelona to prepare it, after his break with Citizens, a platform with which to make the leap to the political autonomous Catalan as a first stage of a national project. However, the group that has promoted the manifesto is not the embryo of the project of Valls, as has been stress by Francesc de Carreras, the co-founder of Cs was low in the party due to disagreements with Albert Rivera. “We don’t want a party, extra games,” remarked Racing.

The promoters asking for an agreement between the so-called parties, constitutionalists, PSOE, PP and Citizens, for the governance of the country after the elections of 10 November. “Between the three, who no longer rule the more deputies you have, to commit that the Government does not rely on or nationalists or populists, and that consensúen a position in relation to Catalonia”, and have called Nicolás Redondo Terreros. A Government “inter-party constitutionalists who do not want to go back to the beginning of the Transition, and begin again, but continue the great progress,” he reasoned Francesc de Carreras.

The manifesto also lays emphasis on the situation in Catalonia, and says that “don’t fit spaces of dialogue and agreement with the nationalism secessionist that defies openly the laws and the Constitution.” “Spain and its successive Governments have not been up to the challenge. There has been passivity and lacked intelligence. Have thought that it would be well only, with offset. Spain has not known how to evaluate itself. There has not been a project of country, and much less a common thread. And have allowed the pro-independence has been expanded”, he argued Valls.

The group of opinion it is with vocation of permanence, and with the aim of participating in political life. The act of presentation has gone as public as the exdirigente of Citizens Toni Roldán, who resigned last June to disagree with the strategy of Rivera, and Cesar Zafra, secretary of Organization of Citizens in the Community of Madrid.


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