Criticized for abandoning his fate to his allies the kurds in the fight against the State Isámico (ISIS, in English), to clear the ground for the Turkish offensive in northern Syria at the beginning of October, president Donald Trump has tended in the last few days to undervalue the participation of the kurdish forces in the assault, the night of last Saturday, ended the life of Abubaker al Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist group and the criminal most wanted by the united States. To give an account of the operation, in his address to the nation on Sunday, Trump explained that the kurds did not carry out “any work-military”, but acknowledged that information was provided by “useful”. It has now transpired that, according to the high advisor of the Democratic Forces and Syrian (FDS) Polat Can, such information as “useful” included the briefs of Al Baghdadi.

The piece of underwear was the key, according to the FDS, to extract DNA samples from the terrorist that allowed to confirm the identity of the elusive goal before the attack. Can ensures, in a thread of tweets published Monday, that the SDS played an important role in the operation. “Our own source, that managed to get up-To-Bagdadi, brought his undies to perform a DNA test and ensure 100% that the person in question was itself Al Baghdadi”, explains Can. A spokesperson for the FDS has confirmed to CNN his version.


So, was the operation that ended with the death of Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS Trump announces the death of Al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State, in a military operation in Syria

FDS, led by the kurds, led from the 15 may working with the CIA “to locate the terrorist, and monitor it closely,” says Can. According to his version, the FDS managed to get to the house of the Idlib province where it was hidden By Baghdadi, changing very often of residence, and discovered that it was on the point of moving to a new location. “All the intelligence and the access to Al-Baghdadi, as well as the identification of the place, are the result of our own work. Our source of intelligence was involved in sending the coordinates, to steer the launch from the air, participate in the operation and make it a success until the last minute”, summarizes Can.

Also the general of the FDS Mazloum Kobane Abdi, in interviews with u.s. media, has referred to the spy of the kurds infiltrated the circle of Al-Baghdadi. Ensures that he worked as a security adviser to the leader of ISIS, who betrayed him for revenge, and that was in the interior of the residence at the time of the assault.

An officer of the Department of State confirmed on Monday to journalists the version of the general. “Him, his people and their intelligence sources played a key role in all of this. It was a role very, very important. No one should underestimate how relevant were the FDS in all of this,” the official said, according to statements gathered by the CNN.

U.S. confirms the death of the spokesman of ISIS

The u.s. Government confirmed on Monday the death of Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, a spokesman of the Islamic State in an operation other than the one that ended the life of the terrorist leader in the city of Idlib last Saturday.

The Democratic Forces and Syrian had already advance the Sunday, this second floor, in the framework of a joint operation which also involved troops of the united States.

The president of the united States, Donald Trump, has confirmed this Tuesday qen Twitter that the u.s. forces have killed also the “likely” successor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to the front of the terrorist group Islamic State, although it has not clarified who would be referring.

The FDS have been a key ally of the united States in its fight against the ISIS in Syria. But, at the beginning of this month, after a telephone conversation with president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Donald Trump decided to remove a small contingent of fifty troops who had deployed in the north of Syria, and that served as an element of containment to the turks. Many analysts believe that, with the decision, the american president was giving the green light to Turkey to attack the kurds on the other side of your border, as he did immediately.

Trump received harsh criticism for ordering the withdrawal, even among his most loyal legislators in the Republican Party, who considered that he was leaving to their fate their allies and spoke even of “treason”. The president criticized the attack of Turkey and imposed sanctions that arose last week, after committing Turkey to a “permanent ceasefire”.

The withdrawal of the u.s. troops ordered by Trump, according to the version of FDS, caused a delay of the operation against Al-Baghdadi. “More than a month ago the decision was made to remove to Al-Baghdadi. However, the withdrawal of the US and the Turkish invasion led to the stop of our special operations, including the search of Al-Baghdadi. The Turkish invasion caused a delay in the operation,” says Can.

The role of the MSDS in the operation against Al-Baghdadi has been recognized with different degrees of intensity by the us authorities. During a press conference at the Pentagon on Monday, general Mike Milley, head of the Joint chiefs, to questions from journalists, he declined to comment on “what might or might not have gone with FDS”, but insisted that the air operation and the soldiers on the ground were exclusively american.

The president Trump has claimed all the credit for the design and execution of the operation that led to the death of Al Baghdadi. In his address to the nation on Sunday, he mentioned first to four countries who helped, including Russia, and then he added: “I Also want to thank the syrian kurds for some support that they were able to provide us with”. “We had our own intelligence. We had a little help. We don’t need a lot of help,” he pointed out, in the turn of questions. Inquired by the journalists, recognized that the kurds provided “information that turned out to be useful.” So useful, according to the FDS, such as boxer shorts that allowed to confirm the identity of Al-Baghdadi before going for it.


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