A pediatrician spoke about the manifestation of COVID-19 newborns

Photo: depositphotos/kalinovsky

it turned Out that the coronavirus can be transmitted from mother to fetus. Pediatrician Elena Degtyareva told about how coronavirus infection manifested in neonates.

According to her, the severity of disease in infants is very rare, according to RIA Novosti.

Degtyareva reported that in Shanghai was viewed by more than 2 thousand children. One third of them were identified with mild symptoms COVID-19, a little less than 40% of the examined newborns were diagnosed with symptoms of moderate severity. Asymptomatic disease proceeded in 4% of cases.

Severe disease was observed in 6% of affected infants, which in most cases had comorbidities. It is assumed that such complications can be caused by a combination of coronavirus infection with respiratory.

Earlier, the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka told about the surprise from the age of the patients with COVID-19. Denis Protsenko said that the coronavirus was diagnosed in young people.

According to Sunday, April 5, in Russia under surveillance for coronavirus infection remains for more than 198 people. It is reported that the country had conducted nearly 700 thousand tests for detection of coronavirus.

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