More than 280 patients with COVID-19 treated at the Filatov hospital

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”

In Moscow city clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov are treated 282 patients with confirmed coronavirus infection. In total, the hospital treated 1060 people, said chief doctor of the hospital Valery Vechorko.

“care: 1060. Of them with a diagnosis of EOS (community-acquired) pneumonia: 661, COVID+: 282”, – quotes RIA Novosti message of the physician.

it is Reported that in the ICU and in the ICU are 94 patients. The ventilators connected 28 people.

According to Vechorko,the hospital was discharged 41 patients per day admitted to the medical facility 215 patients.

it is Also known that on treatment in the Moscow infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka are now 346 patients, 201 of them test positive for the coronavirus. Chief physician Denis Protsenko said that 301 of the patient is diagnosed with pneumonia.

Earlier Protsenko surprised age of patients with COVID-19. He noted that most infected with the coronavirus young citizens. According to him, all the more difficult have patients with chronic illnesses.

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