Sylvester: what has become the most dangerous gangster in the 1990s

Crime 15/03/20 Sylvester: what has become the most dangerous gangster in the 1990s

In September 1994, was killed by one of the most influential criminal authorities of Moscow Sergey Timofeev named Sylvester. By the end of his life he was in conflict with all major capital groups and a large part of the Moscow business community. Death of authority has generated a lot of rumors, and many began to claim that the incident is just a competent performance.

the Main Orekhov

In the mid-1980s Timofeev got in touch with the kids of the capital region, Orekhovo. A few years later was arrested for robbery, extortion and illegal possession of weapons. Was sentenced to two years, and after his release joined the force in the South of Moscow the gang in a single large group – everything else.

Soon he took control of a number of banks, he obeyed, cafes, restaurants, night clubs. “Bribe” Timofeev paid many large businesses. The worst enemies of the orekhovskaya were Caucasian organized criminal groups.

the Explosion on Tverskaya-Yamskaya

Timofeev died 13 September 1994, at seven o’clock on the 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street in Moscow. Blew up a brand-new Mercedes-600, which was the authority.

the Car was blown up using remote control devices. How did it get in “Mercedes” Sylvester? According to some, the “infernal machine” with a mass of about one kilogram was placed in a car when he was in the sink. After the explosion, the Mercedes caught fire, put it out, and from the wreckage of the car pulled out of the charred and mutilated body of the victim.

who’s involved

Investigators immediately began to develop a few version of what happened. Suspected in the murder of Sylvester people Globe Valery Dlugach or Otari Kvantrishvili – already dead crime bosses. Both during his life at odds with Orekhov because of business interests. The globe, moreover, dealt with kavkaskimi OPG that Timofeev was unacceptable.

According to another version, the murder of Sylvester led the conflict of the leader of the orekhovskaya with the other major crime boss – Yaponchik (Vyacheslav Ivankov). The reason is simple – do not share power, besides Timofeev accused his opponent of stealing $ 300,000. This jap could not forgive. However, it is believed that the customers of the crimes were representatives of the Caucasian organized crime groups, which Sylvester had a long-standing feud.

a Fake death

Grouping of the orekhovskaya and more engaged in large-scale financial fraud. According to some, through these manipulations Timofeev has been enriched by 18 billion rubles, which he led into Western banks.

This has led many to say that in the blown up “Mercedes” in fact, was not the leader of orekhovskaya, and a completely different person. Himself Sylvester in the time of the explosion are already banned in the US under an assumed name. There he had plastic surgery, and then lived a quiet and comfortable life.

this is supported by the fact that two months before the explosion on Tverskaya-Yamskaya authority sent to the United States his wife and daughter. The version with the re-enactment of the incident later confirmed that some members of the Solntsevskaya.

the Mercedes was Found burnt corpse was able to identify only personal dentist Sylvester, and then only in the teeth. But this did not reassure the skeptics, in their opinion, the authority could enter into an agreement with his dentist. The flames speculations poured and was found at the scene card and the Declaration of name of Manager Sergei Zhlobin.

Kill the boss

But law enforcement such “conspiracy theories” are not convinced. In 2011 in the investigation of high profile case was the point. In September the Moscow city court found guilty of the murder of Sylvester and sentenced to life imprisonment for his closest ally Sergei Butorin Oshu.

he himself admitted that he ordered the murder of his boss. According to Butorin a car with Sylvester SBBexploded right in his eyes immediately after the start of movement from the house number 46. Timofeev at this point talked on the phone. Later his body was found at 11 metres from the scene. After the explosion, Jack rushed to the car, convinced that his boss is dead, then hurried to leave the scene.

the act Butorin explained that he was afraid of reprisals from the enemies Timofeev. At that time the average life closest associates criminal authorities was 1.5-2 years. The murder of Sylvester could take away the threat. In addition, Osia wanted to take the place of the leader of the Orekhovskaya OPG.

Ivan Proshkin

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