About 10 million people is expected at the may 9 events in the capital

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

In the capital at the celebrations on may 9 is expected to about 10 million guests and participants, said Deputy head of the Moscow Department of culture Leonid Oparin.

“In the framework of the anniversary celebration in Moscow will be organized the big celebratory program, the activities will involve a Central area of the city, pedestrian areas, playgrounds in the administrative districts, parks, cultural institutions. During the celebration of Victory Day in the city held more than 200 major events, expected number of guests – about 10 million people”, – quotes the words of Oparin TASS.

According to him, it is planned to form a plan of action, approved by the organizing Committee. It is assumed the following activities: 42 the literary-musical programs, concerts, 46, 73 performances, two exhibitions, 10 film screenings and genospectra, 24 other activities – tour, gala evening and so on. Several events will be free of charge.

Earlier it became known that the Presidium of the government of the capital took the decision that the volunteers and the journalists will be free to travel on public transport.

On May 9 parade this year will involve more than 20 samples of modern military equipment. This day the citizens will see anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes army air defense, coastal defense systems, automobiles, remote mining, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

the parade will take the participation of 15 thousand troops, 225 units of weapons and military equipment and 150 aircraft. You will pass by the stands and the legendary T-34 tanks and su-100.

In July of last year Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding the Year of memory and glory in Russia in 2023. The document stated that the Year of memory and glory was organized for the preservation of historical memory and commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory of 1941-1945.

event Organizer in Russia is assigned to orgsalony Committee “Victory”. Coordinate the Year of memory and glory to be the head of the Kremlin administration Anton Vaino.

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