Update 19.45: Of a use “in the top League,” says Hanni Zollner of the mountain rescue Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Because of the accident, the circumstances were so tragic, so difficult. A bet that went on for two days, and rescuers were only able to still a corpse mountains.

Complicated recovery after a fatal accident in the mountains of the Zugspitze

Was flown to the ambulance with the helicopter to the accident site, the brother-in-law will also be brought by helicopter into the valley, a deterioration in the weather quickly. A helicopter flight impossible. The visibility deteriorated, the thunderstorms increased. Long the forces thought on Tuesday, you could recover the dead, but still. But in the end they gave up, came back on Wednesday morning. Hours of use took. Only at 16 o’clock, he came to an end. Again, the Savior was able to support due to the fog and no helicopter. Seven task forces, the mountain rescue and the two men of the Alpine group of the police lowered the body-consuming about 500 meters in the direction of the Zugspitzplatt. The cog railway, he was finally shielded from the tourist to the valley brought.

man crashes on the Zugspitze in the death of a “chain of unfortunate circumstances”

The two men, the stresses Zollner of the mountain rescue team specifically, were well-equipped. “It was just a tragic mountain accident, a concatenation of unfortunate circumstances.” Thus, the Garmisch-partenkirchner the opposite also occurs reactions in the social media, which make him stunned. Comments such as “self-blame”. “Here a man died.” It’s grotesque, Zollner emphasized the extra. It shows which developments Savior as he is grappling with the issue, how sensitive they rule on social media.

‘ve been Aware of police mountain, and the police decided, however, to report the accident on Tuesday. Not only because the use was not yet complete. But also, and mainly, because they wanted to avoid a “disaster tourism on the mountain” necessarily. If he had used the Zollner don’t know. In times of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and co. but possible, he says. “Might be widely used immediately images, and especially any wrong messages.” This risk was to him and his comrades to large.

man hike on the Zugspitze crashed – brother-in-law deadly misfortune to watch

Update 15.10: Only about ten minutes, the two men were on the way. From the Munich house on the Zugspitze, they set off on Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock, went to the track in the direction of the Zugspitzplatt. As one of the men, a 50-year-old Dutchman lost, apparently, the Holding, on a snow field, he slipped and fell approximately 150 meters in depth. His brother-in-law had to witness the accident.

He alarmed still Wake up the mountain. You could ascertain the death of the husband. The police in Garmisch-Partenkirchen that he suffered in his fall in fatal injuries to the head. Both men were armed, apparently, sufficient.

man crashes to the Zugspitze in the death of a more Complicated use of the mountain rescue

the operation to recover The body proved to be complicated. Because the terrain is impassable, the weather was unfavorable. Instead of a helicopter, the corpse on Wednesday by forces of the mountain had to Wake up Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Alpine group of the police roped-consuming in the direction of Zugspitzplatt and finally recovered. From the glacier cable car, many tourists are likely to have observed the use, of the began already in the Morning. The operation of delivery continued at a normal pace. The managers of the company have consciously decided to.

Especially in the current conditions, the piece between the glacier restaurant Sonn Alpin and the summit is very challenging. Many climbers use for a good 400 meters of altitude the train. “We are in charge here,” says Verena Lothes, spokeswoman for the Bavarian Zugspitze railway. The accident itself as well as to the rescue can’t Express Lothes. The mountain railway companies in support of the mountain rescue here with your infrastructure, but is not informed of the exact processes. The mountain rescue is to be reached on Wednesday afternoon, still no one to. They are still in use.

Zugspitze mountain: a mountain climber plunges to death – only message from the 3. July, 13 PM

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – On Tuesday morning occurred on the Zugspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a terrible accident. A climber plunged to his death. According to police, the victim was a 50-year-old man from the Netherlands was, together with his brother-in-law on the road. In the incident on Tuesday, he had slipped on a snow field and 150 meters of altitude fall into the depth. He suffered fatal head injuries.

He stayed directly below the popular tourist glacier railway. The salvage was difficult, because the rescue helicopter was initially unable to fly. Meanwhile, the railway continued operating normally.

On Wednesday morning, the mountain rescue and police launched a large-scale rescue operation, which was from the gondolas visible.


Lightly the U nglück of a father and his 12-year-old son in June in the Höllental was, however. The two wanted to on the Zugspitze. Then a snow field, came. The two are at their misfortune is not entirely innocent.


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