Starnberg– An employee of the animal shelter found the German shepherd on Friday at 7 o’clock in the Morning. He was sitting on a blanket, on a leash to the fence of the property at the Starnberger Pilgrimage. Next to him is a blue travel bag was Packed full of collars, leashes, and other paraphernalia. Also a letter was. “It said that the dog had belonged to an elderly lady who can no longer take care of now due to illness,” says animal shelter Director Christine Hermann.

That the woman has delivered the dog in person, doubts, Hermann. He – as it says in the Letter – was very loved, she believes. “Rox” is very friendly to people, the morning coffee in the shelter and warmed up.

And yet, Christine Hermann just can’t understand what has happened early Friday morning in front of the Starnberg facility. “You can talk to us,” she says. “We are here for, but to help in an emergency. We even have a Notklingel.“ Contact the one of the “Rox” in the darkness had connected in front of the shelter wanted to include, but not.

dog “Rox” was cool

“The dog was hypothermic. An old, sick animal, to suspend, is cowardly and lousy,“ says Hermann. You could have “Rox” on Tomorrow, “instead of starting a night-and-fog action,” she says.

“Rox” is seven or eight years old, calm and friendly. A herniated disc power to him. To make the owner to find, is difficult. Because a certificate of vaccination of the sheep-dog had not. For seven years, Christine Hermann has been working for the animal shelter. Two similar cases with dogs have experienced since then, she says. “We are also crates with cats or small animals.” Animals suspend is prohibited by law. The case, “Rox” has shown the shelter in the police. Hermann: “So we and other animal protection associations.”

Regardless of the current case, the “lax tax mentality has become” for the employees of the shelter, in the meantime, a habit. Hermann has been generally observed that dogs quickly and without a valid reason is brought into the home. “Too exhausting” or “I had imagined this differently,” hot it is then. “Over Christmas, three dogs came in one day,” she says. “This is not only stressful for the animals, but also a great deal of organizational effort for such a small home.” Currently, 25 of the dogs living at the Pilgrimage. You’ve only got capacity for 20. “Rox” could not remain permanently. He was taught at an institution in Iffeldorf, which specializes in older animals.

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