Actress Natalia Andreichenko responded to the accusations in

Photo: RIA Novosti/Ekaterina Chesnokova

Missing on the eve Natalya Andreichenko said Hayter, who accused her of irresponsibility, selfishness and bad PR. The actress called on the sick and added that they just don’t get it. Video Andreichenko left on his page in Instagram.

“I’m so shocked! I have a feeling that you all are sick. Are you a zombie by now? You can’t imagine life without a phone, without Android, without some of the constant “we must all be accountable”, “we need to do something”? I’m a man of the spirit, I completely free man,” said the actress.

in addition, Andreichenko came to the conclusion that most of the haters are not permanent audience.

You go to my Instagram and you don’t even my followers. Just drop in, nakali and left. Listen, don’t come, you have nothing to do there. You will not understand, nor who I am nor what I nor what I am.
Natalia Intracellularis

In the end, the actress stressed that the behavior of social network users did piss her off.”Don’t come no Instagram, and no other platform. I’m a man of the spirit, I completely free man. And act according to the laws of God, the laws of the Universe and, most importantly, according to the laws of your heart. If I want, I turn off the phone, and I answer to no one”, – said Andreychenko.

Recall that on 27 January it became known that the actress has gone missing in Mexico. Andreichenko more than a day did not go with anyone contact. However, later Natalia found. The actress recorded a video message in which she explained: the last time she had a lot of work, so she decided “to let go and gain strength”. In social networks began to appear actively comments that the disappearance of the actress could be part of a PR campaign.

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