Nearly a year and a half after its opening, the investigation of the former prime minister, defeated candidate of the right in the last presidential election, François Fillon, has just been completed. The parquet national financier (PNF) must now give its opinion on a possible trial of the spouses Fillon, before the final decision of the judges.

The position of one of the people involved in the case could, however, weaken the defence of Mr Fillon and Mme Fillon, who have always challenged during the investigation of any fictitious character for the jobs occupied by Penelope Fillon.

According to the information of the World, Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, a businessman close to French prime minister François Fillon, owner of the Revue des deux Mondes, which had employed Mrs Fillon between may and December 2013 to 3 900 euros net per month, has given its approval to a procedure of appearance on prior recognition of guilt (CRPC).

“Generous” salary

After a proposal of the prosecutor Eliane Houlette, this way the transaction has been accepted by Mr Ladreit de Lacharrière, and then by the investigating judges. It is now up to a judge of probate to validate or not, the opportunity of a hearing minimum but public, the terms of the agreement, mainly on the sentence that has been negotiated. But this means already that Mr. de Lacharrière recognizes the veracity of the charges leveled against him.

Put in a review in April 2017 for ” abuse of social goods “, Mr. de Lacharrière was suspected of having offered a job of convenience to Mrs Fillon. During the investigation, he had assumed this job in challenging any fictitious character.

Penelope Fillon, who had admitted to never having visited the premises of the Revue des deux Mondes, was said to have written several notes to play, only two of which were published under the pseudonym Pauline Camille. As…


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