The CSU Chairman Horst Seehofer has drawn in the Federal press conference, an interim conclusion after the state election in Bavaria. “The people in Bavaria don’t want to, it is obvious that the CSU governed alone,” he said. You have to accept.

On the question of how he thought the role of the Chancellor in the case of the poor performance of the CSU in Bavaria, did not want to Seehofer answers.

With a view on the disputes in the Grand coalition, said Horst Seehofer, it was gone in all matters of dispute always the case. However, the case was Maaßen completely “unnecessary”. He was the one that started this debate.

Therefore, maintains that only after the coalition negotiations and the planned re-election of Markus Söder (CSU) to the Prime Minister, consequences would be drawn. This also includes “personnel issues, about which I am to discuss also quite willing to belong to”, said Seehofer. This could happen at a party Congress until mid-December.

Nevertheless, the Federal interior Minister admitted that in the migration debate may not be always in style and tone. At the same time, he pleaded to the Federal government: “We want this coalition government,” he said.

The poor election results of his party, he said, among other things, that the CSU was in a “Sandwich Situation.” On the one hand, the CSU voters to the AfD, and the Free voters have lost, on the other side of the Green. At this point, “that we have to do it but with a serious change in the structures of society in our country”.

Söder leads coalition talks

The CSU must programmatically set up better in the big cities and in environmental and climate policy and nature conservation. In addition, the CSU is no longer so deeply rooted in the population, as it once was.

Seehofer said he would guess that it would come to coalition talks with the liberal voters. This exploratory started the morning talks, and then will be decided in the CSU Bureau to come up with whom it will negotiate. He hope that it will come in this week to a start of coalition negotiations. The coalition talks will lead Prime Minister Söder.


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