The most exclusive cabin remains today. No wonder, Sleeping is not thinking on this cruise anyway. Who wants to spend the time on the huge bed while the ship sails for a whole day, with an intensive compact program by the deep blue waters of the Saronic Gulf South of Athens?

The process is ultimately very tightly timed and appropriately ambitious. Maybe not so ambitious to want to be like all of Europe in seven days to see. But after all, this is the so-called Day Cruise – the only one of its kind in Europe – with Hydra, Poros and Aegina equal to three Islands in one day controlled.

in the morning it is, therefore, no time to lose. Point 7.15 PM, and the Shuttle in front of the Hotel, and only a few minutes later, onboard the “Cosmos” in the port of Piraeus. A half-hour before Dropping the days a cruise ship seems to be quite full – but only two-thirds.

“Approximately 400 people today,” is Jannis Balok, the Cruise Director say, later. Spread over three Decks on which there is also a Business Lounge, a VIP Lounge, two Shops and a total of six Bars.

most of The passengers, who have booked the standard package, the deck pulls it in the sun. Only the Greek passengers will apparently remain indoors in an air-conditioned Lounges, and in the protection against the sun’s burning early on, intense from the sky. Significantly less rummelig in the VIP Lounge. Those who opt for this upscale category, the admission ticket for the sliding door and lands in a quiet oasis with comfortable cushions and plenty of space.

This is not the only advantage of the VIP package, On the trips, and you have to line up when you Disembark on the Islands with the Economy passengers. How intense the program is supposed to be, ultimately, can decide if you Want to tackle the whole day relaxed? Or is it the complete excursion package to book?

the first starting point of the cruise ship Hydra

in the Meantime, it is shortly after 8 o’clock, actually, the ship should already be on the way. However, at the beginning of plan time due to a medical Emergency something into a tailspin. A few minutes later, the ship hurries then, but with 60 nodes. The arrival on Hydra is scheduled for 10.45 am. First, there is still a temporal setback. “Because of the heavy traffic in the port of the arrival will be delayed a little bit,” says captain Kostas Veletakos.

at 11.20 a.m., the ship finally, and the passengers push without Drängeleien in the country. A great watch reminding you, in passing, that they must flow back in 95 minutes from the old town maze of the only town on the island.

There, so on the whole island, driving no cars – you can see from the waste of the fire brigade and the ambulance from the car. Is transported a lot on donkeys and mules, which are in the port. Even if the island, a sophisticated tourist has become, seems to be a lot like in the 1960s.

at the Time, it attracted numerous artists to Hydra, including a yet unknown canadian who came to the island, his Inspiration: Leonard Cohen. For some years he lived here, met his love, Marianne Ihlen from the later Song “So Long, Marianne” and bought a house, which belongs to the family of the in 2016, deceased, until today. To see it during the cruise stops, you would have to hurry a little, and the former Donkey trail run.

In the Church of bounce travel groups

The Tour of the one day cruise but not Cohen-trip. Guide Georgia Balok discharged their group with English, a microphone and enhanced explanations by the place and the historical monuments.

she tells of the seafaring past of the island and that it was the seat of the first captain of the school in Greece; it directs the Crusader swarm past the tavernas and classy Shops to the Orthodox monastery from the 16th century. Century.

In the Church of Mary over all the icon of the virgin, before it is next door in the small, sacred architecture, devoted to Ecclesiastical Museum between all the religious and historical artifacts all at once fairly closely. The English group is in conflict with the Spanish, so that it is caught at the end of the guide, in a sense, acoustically, between two tours. So go back out, so despite the ship delay even a Moment to look Around.

Shop on Board at a bargain price.

“Because today, so much is going on, will the port authority that we leave the port quickly,” explains cruise Director Balok. “Someone is missing, we can wait here no more than ten minutes.”

All are in accordance with the agreement 12.55 PM back, and you can leave the VIP-Lounge of the impressions relaxed infiltrate, but only for a few minutes, because the next stop is for lunch, accompanied by advertising in the on-Board TV: “there Are to shop better options than sailing on the open sea?”

Apparently not, because after eating especially women in a confined space pushing in the mini-market on Board. The pants have five Euro, and accessories from four euros, dresses in size from ten Euro. The view from the ship is considerably more exciting.

the has caught the delay is now up and runs through a beautiful narrow sea: Galatas on the Peloponnese, only a few Hundred metres away from Poros, the smallest island on the days cruise. There are countless boats in the sea swings in front of the Promenade. Behind the white houses up piling up the slope.

a Quick Selfie on the island of Poros, the next island

to Fit this to the Minute, fast-paced Tour is the main attraction on the island of Poros, a watch tower, built in the 1920s on the hill was erected and the old town. To 14.07 at most of the passengers on the not even hour-long lightning to land on the path, and run without a booked Tour in the duck marsh.

in the Above time arrived for a Selfie on the rocks next to the Greek flag, for views over island and sea, and for frantic souvenir shopping on the way back.

14.57 clock is then eaten again on Board: fruits and cake in the VIP Lounge, while in the Economy class now, lunch is served, and you have to opt for a Tour to Aegina, the last island. Beach is? The monastery? Ancient Temple Excavation?

Because Sightseeing is not in Greece without ruins completely, the choice falls on the ancient. In the port, the group enters at 16 o’clock in a Bus and driving a few kilometers on the narrow, winding streets Äginas.

Through the window you get at least a minimal impression of the Rest of the island, before the Bus stops in front of the Aphaiatempel on a hilltop: one of the impressive, millennia-old ruins, with massive pillars and altar of sacrifice. “This is one of the oldest, best-preserved temples in Greece,” explains the Guide, Maria, before notifying you of the pistachios, the island is also well-known.

pistachios in front of the temple on Aegina

“The best in the world,” says self-consciously. Around 30,000 pistachio trees on Aegina. The soil is excellent for cultivation, the climate also. Once in a year is harvested, then the whole year is sold, which is hard to miss.

On the Stand in front of the temple a bag in the bag and a scoop of pistachio ice cream in the Cup ends up. After a detour to the Agios Nektarios, the second largest Cathedral in Greece, spits out of the Bus, the passengers finally at 18 o’clock in front of the ship.

On Board to challenge a musician and folkloric dancers to Greek music on the lower deck, the last reserves of energy. A Dutch women’s group, go dancing. A few Spanish couples can not ask for a long time.

The Duo heats up before it can be bottled drops with impressions and eat on the sun deck and in the soft light of the setting sun reflect on why cruises are always so hectic. Not much time remains, but, because on time at 19.30, 690 minutes after the Dropping, the “Cosmos” back in the port of Piraeus.

tips and information

arrival: Athens is available from several German cities including Aegean Airlines, Lufthansa or Easyjet. From the airport is with the Metro or the Bus X96 within an hour at the port of Piraeus.

cruise: The standard package of the Athens Day Cruises costs 100 Euro (incl. Buffet lunch and Folklore Show), the VIP package with Appetizer, hotel transfer, soft drinks, Lounge access, lunch, and a Tour is 245 Euro. The cruises are offered every day of the year (evermore

accommodation: “Phidias Piraeus”: modern and conveniently located, short walk to the port, free Shuttle service. Double room from 60 Euro (hotel; “Poseidon Hotel”: a short taxi ride to the port, at the seafront of Palaio Faliro, double room starting from 120 Euro (Poseidon

editor’s tip: After the turbo cruise with the ferry again for a longer visit to Hydra drive. So you have the time for the traces of Leonard Cohen’s, alley explorations in the old town and in the evening, the island atmosphere without the tourists.


participation in The trip was supported by Discover Greece and Evermore Cruises. Our Standards of transparency and journalistic independence, see


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