Agoravox (France): who and how lost greatness of the Soviet Union

“People eagerly pounced on the publication exposing the crimes going on, rolled the second after the XX Congress wave the dethronement of Stalin, full as went to Brezhnev, and then it came to revaluation, and of Lenin, the Marxist ideology, the principles of socialism. The society has spilled a lot of light and sensational. The events of the past often played, without serious analysis, displaying all the complexity and contradictions occurring in the country. Fell to the veils of lies and demagoguery, enveloping many episodes of our history, but prejudice and bitterness often led to attempts to substitute “red” myths “white”, to deny the great revolution in any positive content.” (Gorbachev. “Life and reforms”)

And even though this is one of the favorite topics call themselves “intellectual” petite bourgeoisie, that’s what he thinks about the Herald of transparency: “Kicking out the old bosses and sat in a secretarial chair, the radicals failed to create any significant works and the more — normal creative atmosphere.”

with regard to the overall consequences of the shameless approval of the petty-bourgeois interests in the hierarchy of Soviet values, Alexis berelovich paints a pretty bleak picture: “All this has spawned the rise of corruption, the prevalence of personal loyalty and personal connections over the public, which originated among most of the officials tend to consider their service in the government as more of a “burden” from which you benefit, not the benefit of the population.” (Gilles Favarel Garry and Kathy Rousselet, “Modern Russia”, Fayard, 2010)

Instead of “transparency” and promote “transparency”… “A shadow hierarchy gradually formedLas where access to rare goods and services (this created the opportunity to exchange them for other benefits) was as important as the job itself”. The worm has penetrated into the heart of an Apple, which from the time of Lenin and split into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks in 1907 carried the future of the world proletariat.

“Membership in the Communist party and activism in any form became signs of careerism, not to say obsequiousness”. All this was reflected even in the so-called dissidents, and one of their favorite tools, samizdat: “Contrary to popular belief, the samizdat circulated in the first place is not dissident works, and the benefits of yoga, recipes pills to lose weight and books on Buddhism. Serious works were in a heap by reasoning about the mysterious properties of the Bermuda triangle and, of course, UFOs and aliens, the creators of the Egyptian civilization.”

as a result, all were quickly swept away by reality itself: “the Collapse of illusions in the 1990-ies it was very cruel and completely undermine the authority of intellectuals reformers in the eyes of the population.”

the ContextPresident of the USSR Mikhail GorbachevChinese readers: Gorbachev – the main cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union! (The Paper)The Paper02.11.2019 Mikhail Gorbachev: the Collapse of the Soviet Union – ‘the great tragedy Financial Times29.03.2004 But why the same Alexis berelovich emphasizes the “fortress system”, which was developed over many years, but then began to fall apart, reaching a peak, that is over three decades from 1953 to 1991? Does this mean that the first period, the period of continuous reinforcement (1917-1953) bywhen stood at the helm of Lenin and Stalin, was a time of totalitarianism, comparable to the worst manifestations of Satanism?

anyway, this “totalitarianism” lovers of fairy tales, perhaps, is to oppose what Lenin saw himself after the October revolution. He shared this with the participants of the meeting of the Moscow Soviet of workers ‘and peasants’ deputies on February 28, 1921: “the Revolution in the known sense means me, is a miracle. If we in 1917 said that we have three years endure the war with the world and the war of two million Russian landowners, capitalists and their children will be abroad, and we will be victorious, then none of us would’t believe it.” (Lenin, collected works, vol. 42)

He stressed: “I got a miracle, because from the workers and peasants raised up such force against the invasion of the landlords and capitalists that even powerful capitalism was in danger. Because here was a miracle, it weaned us to expect a long time.”

it is Worth noting that this was an outstanding expert on Marxist analysis is very accurately described still from a year earlier, at the ninth Congress of the RCP (b) (29 March — 5 April 1920): “And only because the party was on guard that the party was strictly disciplined, and because the authority of the party United all departments and agencies, and the slogan that was given to CC as one man went tens, hundreds, thousands, and even millions, and just because what incredible sacrifices were brought, and the miracle that happened would have to happen.” (Lenin, collected works, vol. 40)

And this avant-garde was not enough.

“it was Necessary that our party and the class that exercises the dictatorship, the working class, that they were elements, uniting millions and millions of the working people in Russia and around the world.”

Totalitarianism?.. Yes, perhaps… if we are talking about how to put an end to exploitation, any exploitation of man by man: “what is coercion, causes outrage and cries and noise and screams of bourgeois democracy, which is worn with the words “freedom” and “equality”, not realizing that freedom for capital is a crime against the workers, that equality is well-fed and hungry is a crime against the working people.”

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