Parts of Germany is on this Wednesday, the so far hottest day of the year – possibly even the heat cracked the record for the month of June. This is 38.5 degrees, respectively, at 27. and 28. June 1947, in baden-württemberg, Bühlertal were measured. The experts of the German weather service are anyway sure, that today, particularly in the southwest of 39 degrees will be exceeded. “In the Saarland and in the Rhine valley, we scratch the 40 degree mark,” a DWD meteorologist on Tuesday.

Not only people and animals have to contend with the heat. Also the road surface of the (already working or damaged) concrete highways “suffers” under the permanently hot temperatures, with dangerous consequences for road users. So-called Blow-ups, so cracks and spalling on the streets, which are formed when individual concrete slabs bulge or slide over one another threaten. Especially for motorcyclists, this can quickly become a deadly danger. However, motorists should be warned “and as a matter of urgency to the speed limit,” said an ADAC spokesman, the recommended in addition to a greater distance from the Chance.

heat wave in Germany of 38.6 degrees Celsius: This place has the June temperature record broken Blow-ups: On this car it can cars dangerous

On some motorways in Germany, the authorities went to the extent of the vulnerable sections of the route for safety reasons, a speed limit to. This is currently on motorways in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The following are the sections with the Blow-up risk at a Glance:

A9 between the schkeuditzer Kreuz and hall; the speed limit is currently: 120 StundenkilometerA9 – in the direction of travel of Munich, between Naumburg and Droyßig, as well as white rock; speed limit is currently: 100 StundenkilometerA38 – Merseburg-Süd, Merseburg-Nord (in both directions)A38 between Lützen and the border to Saxony (direction Leipzig)

Also warns of the ADAC in front of these highway sections, where although not yet adapted to the speed limits, Blow-ups, however, can threaten:

A81 – motorway crossing Weinsberg – jagst valley bridge rams (both directions)A81 – junction Boxberg – Osterburken (only direction of travel North)A7 – Ulm-cross Feuchtwangen (both directions)A7 – section South of the junction westerhausen

source: ADAC



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