For 18 years, Bill and Anne Duncan together, twelve years ago, the Couple celebrated a lavish wedding. But Bill, now 71, has suffered for some years from Alzheimer’s and can remember this time only in fragments – the big day of the wedding at the time, he has forgotten completely. Therefore, Bill and his 69-year-old wife Anne have been married now.

The Scottish Pair were in the context of a ceremony in a garden in Aberdeen, once again, the Yes-word, reports the local newspaper “Aberdeen Evening Express”. Anne had bought a dress a friend had made for the bouquet and the jewelry. In a small circle, was then celebrated with friends and family.

Bill, Anne, his new girlfriend

Nine years, Anne Duncan cares for her husband now. Bill, formerly a popular DJ and a magician loses more and more of his memories and can speak barely. Not even the fact that he was ever been married once, he can remember. Nevertheless, he introduced his wife a few weeks before the wedding, the question of whether she would marry him – he thought she was his new girlfriend. Anne said Yes, and believed that her husband would forget the engagement again soon. However, on the same day, he asked the question again.

On his second marriage, Bill remembers now. “Every day, this memory remains in his memory, is valuable,” says Anne. The weather was right, even the parents of Anne who live further away, could be unlock via a Video. “Under these circumstances, it could not have gone better. When you consider how far the disease has progressed at the Bill, it is nothing other than a miracle,” says Anne.

source: “Aberdeen Evening Express”

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