Andrew Kurdaev: what happened to the pickpocket who robbed the daughter of Brezhnev

Crime 16/03/20 Andrew Kurdaev: what happened to the pickpocket who robbed the daughter of Brezhnev

the Rich and powerful also cry. And also becoming victims of crimes, and fraud and embezzlement – even more so. Here only those who have the power victims have more opportunities to bring the perpetrators of their own interests, including property, to severe liability. In particular, Andrew Turdaevu, robbed of the “Soviet Princess” Galina Brezhnev, not fortunate enough literally to death.

What happened?

Shortly before the unfortunate events slick Andrew Kurdaev met in a Pine forest with 18-year-old daughter of the head of the Gosplan Inga Nightingale. Kurdaev, showing the girl his phenomenal flexibility, lied to her that he was such a unique, pursue the enemy in order to take advantage of his abilities. About the true nature of its activities, a resourceful thief, of course, to spread could not, therefore, introduced the circus.

Inga fell in love with the original boy – and between them began a romantic relationship. Kurgaev took his new passion to restaurants and currency bars. And once showed great “artistic” professionalism: withdrew from his pocket the visitor sitting next to a fat wallet, took a few notes and returned the wallet so that the victim did not notice anything.

This trick not only did not reject the daughter of a major Soviet official, and, oddly enough, still more endeared her to Turdaevu. The Nightingale decided to introduce the beloved in the circle in which “mere mortals” can get could not.

28 Jul 1981 Andrew and Inga visited the so-called “night light” or night party, which relaxed the Soviet elite. The event was held at the Arkhangelskoe estate in Moscow region.

among those invited were listed and Galina Leonidovna Brezhneva, daughter of the General Secretary of the Central Committee ToPSS. She even liked to visit a different kind of secular parties with an abundance of luxury. And this time has decided to outdo everyone – and wearing a diamond brooch from the Gokhran of the USSR, I mean from the Diamond Fund. Beat the “Soviet Princess” no one could. But it also gave the opportunity Kurdyaeva how to make money.

a good time… Music and dance… Hot alcohol “majors” and “rich-bitch related” Laden with jewels… What more do you need to pickpocket for the thieves of happiness?

the intruder – someone not noticed someone had taken for her, and anyone who does not have given it the appearance of value. But soon the guests at the party began to disappear valuables. Among the missing “trifles” was the brooch, which Galina Leonidovna “rented” in the Gokhran.

the Staff of the hotel, which was walking, was immediately lifted up and checked all the corners. The result was found the body of slaughtered men. Killed was a thief in law named nick Tramp: convicted four times, 20 years spent in prison. The hypothesis that he was involved in the theft, law enforcement authorities shallows immediately, but Inge and her new strange boyfriend began to look closely.

There was a criminal case and in connection with the importance of the abducted and with the personality of one of the victims, investigative actions conducted in an emergency mode.

Who was Andrew Kurdaev, and that it eventually happened?

Andrey Leonidovich Kunaev was born in 1962 in Kiev, in the family circus artist Leonid Kurdyaeva. Five years old dad taught his son all kinds of strukovym and acrobatic elements, apparently, preparing the child to an artistic career.

Little Andrew turned out to be a capable learner from birth he was extremely flexible, agile and sharp-witted. Here only talent failed to submit in due course. In 1974 Leonid Kurgaev performing a stunt has received a severe spinal injury – and the son had left without parental supervision. His home was the street.

the Local yard punks immediately took a talented kid in the mix. And soon he spotted the famous Kiev pickpocket nicknamed “Lenya Smyk”. Crime boss began to teach the “young talent” the basics of thieves case, and soon the student surpassed his teacher.

that day, when they were stolen brooch from Gokhran, Inga and Andrew were pretty weird, and noticed some people walking around. The couple danced once too clipped and confusing, and then touching other dancers. The investigation came to the conclusion that the missing jewels are directly involved in the Nightingale and Kurdaev.

the house of the daughter of the Soviet nomenklatura established observation and three weeks later discovered that it is visited by a strange looking girl. I decided to take. “Strange girl” was an undercover guy – Andrey Kurdyaeva. During the arrest the thief resisted, wounding with a knife of one of the police officers, but the offender still tied up and handcuffed.

Andrew Kurdyaeva held in the Butyrskaya prison, in solitary confinement. The fate of the stolen brooch remains unknown: during the interrogation, the thief was silent. Subsequently, the investigator Arkady Chernov said that Kurgaev looked very intimidated – and, apparently, was afraid to testify.

two weeks after the detention and seizure on the morning bypass the thief was discovered hanging by a noose in solitary confinement. The young man was 19 years old. Inga and the Nightingale soon after suffered a miscarriage.

According to the official version, Kurdaev committed suicide. However, there were versions in favor of violent death. She could be on hand as one of the victims of the thefts, and whoever the thief was afraid, eluding direct questions of the investigator during the interrogation. Whatever it was, the whole truth, we’ll never know.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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