Ninel Kulagina: what ability was the most mysterious woman in the USSR

Biography 16/03/20 Ninel Kulagina: what ability was the most mysterious woman in the USSR

In the Soviet Union to the psychic and similar phenomena rather skeptical about. However, these phenomena were studied. One of the objects of research became Leningrad Ninel Kulagina.

the Former frontovichka

Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina (maiden name – Mikhailov) heroic biography. In April 1942, a young girl, a volunteer went to the front. Served as a radio operator in the armored troops. Received combat wounds and was awarded the order Patriotic war of I degree, and numerous medals.

in early youth, Neli (as it was called in the family) has manifested amazing powers. For example, it look “move” various objects – chunks of bread on the table, the carafe of water. Still she was able to control the time pendulum. Knew, however, this is only a narrow family circle. She Ninel ‘ long enough for his abilities no special meaning attached.

married, gave birth to a son, lived like everyone else. Once, in the early 1960s, she had a heart attack. In the hospital Kulagina brightened boredom knitting. And somehow the nurse noticed that the patient takes balls of wool from her basket without looking. She didn’t need to look at to take ball of a certain color.

the Experiments under the supervision of the KGB

Later, someone introduced Kulagin with Professor L. L. Vasiliev, who investigated the mysterious phenomena of the human psyche.

Vasilyev gave her a series of experiments, during which it became clear that it would not only look to move objects, but also to read people’s thoughts, “see the head”, as well as to influence the operation of technical devices and even change the chemical composition of water. The maximum distance of impact was about two meters.

Since then constantly Kulagina participated in various scientific experiments. Some sources witnessindicate that she was allegedly summoned to the KGB, where she set a condition: either it cooperates with the office or go to court on false charges. Of course, Ninel ‘ all agreed. She was assigned the pseudonym Nellie Mikhailov.

In particular, Kulagina was conducted by the staff of the Leningrad Institute of fine mechanics and optics. For several years they conducted experiments during which she put down the laser beam, move various objects and burning holes in them with a glance, he lit the roll and forced to rotate a magnetic needle, was separated in the water the egg white from the yolk, and even stop the heart of a frog. Its capabilities are studied with the help of instruments that have recorded the magnetic field emanating from the hands Kulagina. By the way, during the experiments the palms Ninel Sergeyevna sometimes sparks with a diameter of as much as up to 10 centimetres!

In 1977 Kulagin invited to participate in the research programme of the Institute of chemical physics, USSR Academy of Sciences. This time has tested her healing abilities. In the first step the researchers took a dozen white mice and instilled them with subcutaneous hematoma. Then five of them was put in a glass vessel, which Kulagina few seconds “irradiated” biofield. A quarter of an hour the experiment was repeated. Rodents exposed Kulagina, lived more than 10 days, the others died just half an hour after they were vaccinated.

In the second phase, mice received a dose of radiation exposure – 700 x-rays. Then with the part of the rodents began to work Kulagina. And again, “irradiated” with that the mouse could survive for about 10 days, and the rodents in the control group, “grabbing” the dose reached no more than 15 minutes.

Subsequently, Kulagina was entrusted with the treatment of people. It turned out that she could, through its field to promote rapid healing of wounds and cuts patients to improve the condition of suffering from various types of inflammations, particular diseases of internal organs, migraines, sciatica.

However, the negative experiences otrasilici health Ninel Sergeyevna. A long and strenuous experiments have led to a sharp deterioration in her health. She had symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, increased heart rate to 240 beats per minute, pain in the neck and spine, my mouth has a metallic taste. Sometimes she felt nausea turning into vomiting. Medical examination after the experiments recorded her increased blood sugar levels, loss weight down to 700 grams per day.

a Phenomenon or a charlatan?

the Study was not advertised. Mostly about Kulagina known only to specialists. Only during perestroika screens out filmed in 1968 black-and-white documentary in which the psychic showed how she manages with the help of passes to move small objects and rotate arrow magnetic instruments.

About Kulagina began to write to the press about her doing TV shows. But many did not believe in her abilities, thought of a clever swindler. For example, academician Alexey Ivanitsky argued that Kulagina moving objects with the nylon yarns, and the arrow instruments through attached to the finger magnet. In 1988, the magazine “Man and law” called Ninel Sergeevna charlatan. She sued and won the case because her gift is witnessed working with her scientists.

In 1990, Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina died. Apparently, her health was seriously undermined by frequent experiments. Today Kulagina continue to write and argue, but the phenomenon of this woman has remained unsolved.

Irina Shlionskaya

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