A shock for real fans: nest ticks and crush of girls Angelo Kelly leaves the band The Kelly Family. The singer has been on stage with his siblings since childhood and has enjoyed worldwide success.

After a break in which all siblings devoted themselves to their private lives and solo careers, they celebrated their musical comeback a few years ago and were able to build on their old successes. Now Angelo Kelly decided to leave the band.

He is behind his siblings

He told RTL: “It’s true. It was nice but it took a lot of strength and took time from my own family. But I will always support the others, ”says Angelo Kelly. How the band is going is not yet known.

The Kelly Family currently consists of the members Kathy Kelly, Paul Kelly, Patricia Kelly, Joey Kelly, John Kelly and Jimmy Kelly. The band was founded in 1974 and was initially known as a pure street music group. In the mid-90s they celebrated their final breakthrough in pop music.

Source: instagram.com


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