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Oliver Pocher (42, “Dangerous Half-Knowledge”) and Michael Wendler (47) – neither of them will be happy to hear this – unite much more than what separates them. They are at least arguable public figures, do not shy away from sometimes voluntary, sometimes involuntary Fremdschäm moments and the motto for both applies: either you love or hate them. But there is one more thing that connects Pocher and Wendler: a strong, significantly younger woman by her side, without whom nothing seems to work anymore in the media.

When cuddling, the focus of attention was completely turned to the left. Where at the beginning of the relationship there was still talk of Wendler’s new, unknown, very young flame, the name Laura Müller (19, “Playboy”, “Let’s Dance”) appears more often these days – and only in the subordinate clause that of hers Fiance. Olli Pocher’s cheeky badger patriarchy has also been sawing vigorously since the better half of his name Amira (27). Neither with his relationship with Monica Ivancan (42), nor with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (37), mother of three of his children, did Pocher become “the Pochers”. Until now.

Their joint podcast, with which they are now even touring through drive-in cinemas, is already called “Die Pochers hier!” And is, alphabetically correct, ushered in by “Mit Amira und Olli”. In it she nets him in at the right time, if he becomes too outspoken, likes to hand himself out against God and the world, and overall the proportion of the two can be described as thoroughly equal. Recently, Olli dubbed his Amira a “sixth in the lottery” in the YouTube show “Let’s talk, girls!” By Motsi Mabuse (39), Saskia Valencia (55), Marlene Lufen (49) and Marijke Amado (66). And it is a well-known fact that such a lottery six makes many great things possible.

It is also clear to him that he benefits from the charming beauty: “I am now getting my nonexistent sympathy for the woman back in. That is also a strange situation, ”he exaggerates the facts, but aptly expresses them. It may be tea set reading, but whether only his Instagram swipes against influencers during the corona quarantine would have helped him to the late night show “Pocher – dangerously honest”, which took place on May 15 (11:15 p.m. RTL) will start? In any case, given the fact that Amira will be there as a sidekick, the broadcaster prominently advertises with the slogan “Now there is Pocher-Power Hoch 2”.

Olli and Amira, who say they have got to know and love each other via the “Tinder” dating app, have already proven that they are a great TV team. As from another era, the show “Pocher vs. Wendler – No more funny ”meanwhile. It was less than two and a half months ago (March 1st) that the comedian and the pop singer competed against each other. Also hardly imaginable: The live show was also Amira Pocher’s premiere on TV.

Given that the silly party games both Olli and Michi somehow emerged as the losers of the evening, Amira was the big winner of the Netz-hearts. “I was showered with SO much love and positive news, which really leaves me speechless!” She wrote on Instagram shortly afterwards . “It was my first appearance on TV and I wasn’t sure until now whether I should take this step, but these great reactions show me that it was the right decision.”

In the latest episode “5 against Jauch” the RTL size got to deal with his wife in addition to the persistent moderator Pocher. She appeared alongside reporter Kai Ebel (55), moderator Katja Burkard (55), singer Stefanie Hertel (40) and comedian Ingolf Lück (62) as one of the said “5 against Jauch” and wedged, much to the delight of everyone present, cheerfully against her husband: “You have a lint in the navel. I can see it up to here. And I mean, I saw it yesterday. Didn’t you take a shower? ”

The recipe for success of the two runs through all the formats mentioned, certainly also through the upcoming late night show: together against the rest of the world and at the right time, always charming and, as with the belly button saying just above the belt line, also against each other.

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