April 1, 2024: what a joke, banned the

As you might guess, the reason for the “abolition” of the popular festival this year was pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. In the Indian state of Maharashtra local government security already threatened with criminal cases for any misinformation about it, even covered with a holiday. Penalties of up to five years in prison for the false information about the pandemic was declared in Thailand. Germany did not impose such strict measures, but the country’s Ministry of health reminded the citizens a message on his Twitter account that the coronavirus is not an appropriate topic for jokes.

it is Also reported that Google usually dedicates “Day of laughter” the whole project, and this year turned them against the adverse situation with COVID-19 the Corporation has found it necessary to avoid any false information, even if it is a common joke.

Not to say that the party (existing, perhaps, more than half a Millennium, and certainly more than three centuries) is completely forgotten in difficult to mankind periods, or what do hard times do not become the reason for the rather peculiar jokes. For example, 1 April 1915, in the midst of the First World war, a British plane dropped into the German camp a huge bomb-“dummy”, which was written by “April fools!”.

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