The owner of a house in the majorcan town of the Jungle, realized one morning that one of the huge lithographs by Joan Miro that had hung on the wall he saw something strange. After you inspect it more closely, he discovered that it was not the same as that in the last few years had been hung on a wall to decorate one of the rooms in the house. The other lithograph by the author who also had at home didn’t seem real, and resembled more a copy placed in the frame.


he Looked back to the Blue Coast Art that rings in the eyes and the imagination

The owner of the works of art put in a complaint to the Guardia Civil, who this week has managed to arrest the perpetrators of the theft and recover the blades, which were about to be sold. The lithographs were valued at around € 20,000. As have informed from the Meritorious, the agents in charge of the case launched an investigation to verify the circumstances of the theft after the owner to ratify that which now hung from one wall of the dining room were two copies.

After taking a statement to the inner circle of the complainant, the civil guard identified the alleged perpetrators of the theft of the lithographs. This is a man of 42 years and a woman of 25, romantic partner, friends of the owner of the works of art and with frequent access to your dwelling. In one of the visits to the family took advantage of a carelessness of its occupants, according to explain from the Civil Guard, to remove the original lithographs, and put two copies in place inside the frame.

After the arrest, the researchers initiated the process to recover the works. The first of them is located in an art gallery in Palma, which had already closed its sale to a few customers. The second lithography was traced after to take a statement to several art dealers. The agents recovered in the hands of one of them, that he intended to enter it in the black market where it would have been hard to keep track of. The lithographs have already been returned to its owner, while the alleged robbers have been put in the hands of justice.


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