The young democratic congressman Katie Hill, who came to the Capitol in the legislative elections a year ago, pronounced this on Thursday afternoon in a bitter farewell address against the “culture of misogynistic” which, he explained, has led her to resign. Hill, 32 years, leaves the seat after having been accused of sleeping with a female employee of his campaign, and with a subordinate in the Congress, and after the humiliating publication of photos and messages private. That derision has caused consternation in Washington. “I’m leaving because there is a double standard, I’m leaving because I don’t want that I use as the currency of change,” Hill said. “I —continued— by a culture misogynist who consumed happily my photographs nude”.

The senator from California admitted to having had sexual relations with his assistant campaign, but denies that it is attributed with his legislative director, Graham Kelly. The Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives opened an investigation last week with regard to these last, since they are prohibited by the rules of the House of Representatives, but Hill did not stay to see the result. The public exploitation of their images are intimate, according to claimed this Thursday, has been with her. The congressman attributed to an operation of “pornovenganza” on the part of her husband, who is divorcing, and who has found the perfect allies in the sensationalist media and the conservatives.


A sex scandal settles to one of the young stars by Congressional democrats don’t go to bed with your ‘staffer’

“I’m leaving because I don’t want to be used by websites and blogs operated by people without shame, for the political dirtiest I have ever seen, and to make the media the right to achieve clicks and increase your audience by distributing intimate photographs that were taken without my consent for entertainment sex of millions of people,” he said this afternoon in the Capitol. These materials were disseminated in the first instance by the publication conservative RedState and by the u.k. tabloid Daily Mail. The messages collected conversations supposedly with the assistant of campaign, as well as between the husband and the helper.

The president of the Chamber, the veteran democrat Nancy Pelosi, criticized the abuse and exploitation that has resulted in the dissemination of these photographs, but did not question the decision of the congressman to resign. Their relations with the employee of the election campaign, but are not subject to the rules of the Congress, also does not fit well, given its relationship of subordination of labour, in a time like the present, in which a greater awareness against harassment has reduced the thresholds of tolerance of these cases. “It has taken its decision and has chosen the moment,” he said, although it seemed to be a situation “sad,” and called it “shameful,” its “humiliation by ciberexplotación”.

Pelosi also took the opportunity to warn all those who “may be subject to that kind of abuse and harassment.” “I say it to my children and to my grandchildren, especially, all those appearances on social networks can go then it catches you out of context”, he added.

Katie Hill not published any of those photos or messages on social networks. The congressman ensures that, from now on, will come in combat “pornovenganza”. Even so, this Thursday, at the Capitol, asked for forgiveness: “To every girl that looked to me [as a reference], I hope that you can forgive me”. At the outbreak of the case, the young lawmaker admitted his error of judgment when interacting with a subordinate during his campaign.

The precandidata democrat Kamala Harris, senator from California, defended it a few days ago to emphasize that Hill “is a victim of ciberexplotación” and that there is a double standard in this case. The sexuality of men and women “is not judged with the same parameters,” Harris said. Other lawmakers in Congress have been identified in the past by relationships unorthodox with his dependants, but the exploitation of the stolen images that has been subjected Hill has caused a lot of commotion.


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