Arrived in Moscow from Chisinau train checks after reports of a bomb threat

Photo credit: TASS/Valery sharifulin

the Unknown reported about the bomb threat on the train by following the Chisinau – Moscow. The part has arrived on the Kiev station of the capital, reports TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

Now the train is on 15-m road. The identity of the informant is established.

“At present, the police checked the trains”, – stated in the message.

a Wave of “mining” started in the capital in November last year. Anonymous sent letters with threats of explosions on email, courts, universities, shopping centers and schools. None of the alarms were not confirmed.

due to the similar distribution in Russia blocked the service Protonmail. On 23 January, the FSB has identified another source from which the received messages with threats. We are talking about an information resource of the foreign service now it is blocked.

Roskomnadzor has blocked the sending of a message of “mining” service.

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