Experts told when to expect the peak of coronavirus

Photo: AP Photo/Arek Rataj

researchers from the London school of hygiene and tropical diseases research determined when the spread of the coronavirus reaches its peak.

the Exact date of climax of the disease is difficult to determine, because in the world there was the uncertain situation with the virus, reports Bloomberg.

Experts suggest that the peak coronavirus reaches the second half of February.

experts Also found that a new type of pneumonia contracted every twentieth resident of Wuhan. According to forecasts, at the moment of climax in Wuhan get sick for about 5% of citizens – about 500 thousand citizens.

First cases of coronavirus in China was recorded in late December of last year. The source of infection was recognized as the city Wuhan.

Victims of the Chinese pneumonia became 831 people infected almost 38 thousand people.

it was Reported that the coronavirus from China was given a temporary name – Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP). The official international name for the disease who have not given.

Chinese coronavirus was given the provisional name

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