There are a few things in my diet biography, the me today is embarrassing. For example, that I drank as a student, Breakfast is often just a can of cold Cola. About what I eat and drink, I made me no thoughts. I do a lot of Sport, because I can treat myself to something. That was my approach. It was not always bad. But much too often just not good. Fast Food, Chips, gummy bears, ice cream and sweet drinks were the love of my life. In between, there was also fruit and vegetables, even abundant. Had excess weight I don’t. I felt safe. Until a few months ago.

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I am a runner, and had remained injury. Suddenly, it was different. It started with the right foot to. The ached with every step. Two sports doctors but found no cause. Then I felt that my muscles fatigue during a Run much earlier, at night I was often hit by cramps in the legs home. Even though I had nothing changed in my Training.

By coincidence, my annual blood check at the doctor. So far, I had cut off is always good. This time, she said: “your values are okay.” She meant, especially Inflammation levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides – i.e. fat. Especially the were not increased, but at the upper limit. In comparison to previous years, the trend was clearly rising. Not a disaster, but a little scary, it was still.

I Was wrong with my hope that I will stay forever young and healthy, if I move just enough for you? And my muscular problems could have something to do with my diet? About the note to be a slowly growing Problem? My family doctor was right: “Absolutely, muscles, Tendons, and cartilage are supplied with the nutrients and waste products in the blood and flushed, there’s something wrong, it can lead to such complaints.”

Oh great, I thought, as I left the practice. It was time to change something. But what? Everywhere is something else. Much of it sounds logical, but that also means that it’s true? So I gave me an Overview of las study to study and talked with experts.

You are what you eat

One thing was clear: a good diet is not about counting calories. Instead, the Belief among medical professionals and scientists, especially important is what we eat. Because each type of food triggers a reaction in our body. Of soft drinks such as Cola or energy drinks, you know, for example, that a can of deterioration of the vascular function. Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of over 90 percent, however, contains much of the active ingredient Flavanol, an antioxidant that is good for heart health.

There are scientifically well-documented lists of foods that are good for us, and those we should prefer to avoid. With their help, I began to change my diet. As of now, no sweet drinks, more sugar I have the dash almost completely from the dining plan. Cereal was self-mixed with oatmeal, coconut, walnuts, chopped almonds, and what can do full grain shelf yet. Instead of milk, yogurt came unsweetened full-fat. Yes, Full Fat. Because that’s not clear today: fats are unhealthy. Also, the yogurt is mainly a question of the body, good bacteria supply. Which in turn will ensure that the trillion colonize the stomach, intestine, and skin, stay healthy.

Because the so-called Microbiome is a super organ that regulates many processes in our body. The bacteria help to digest food, produce essential minerals and vitamins. Even our Hunger control.

Each type of food triggers in the body a response from

I have Also deleted highly processed meals from my diet. Due to the many unhealthy additives and the large amount of salt that they contain is usually. Red meat from beef, lamb or pork, there is a maximum of once per week. Sausage almost not at all. The is suspected to reduce the life expectancy. Because of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and more fish comes to my plate.

Instead of gummy bears in my Desk drawer in the office, almonds, peanuts and walnuts. Long they had been from nutrition experts, damn it, but today, we know that they contain a lot of good protein, fiber, Magnesium and healthy fats. Of runners benefit.

For dinner, a bottle of olive oil is always on the table. Among fishermen on the island of Crete, the proverb, allegedly: “drinking a glass of olive oil a day, and you’ll live forever.” You might be right. Good olive oil with the Label “Extra virgin” is expanding, for example, the arteries and lowers the cholesterol. Both significantly reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The changing of my diet was not a Revolution or even agony. After three months, I barely notice it any more, that I on some waivers. What I feel, but I can a lot of race – and without that my muscles are weak. The pain in the heel are almost gone. A couple of kilos I’ve lost. Overall, I feel much healthier, much less tired and much more powerful. I’m very excited to see what my family doctor at the next examination.


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