Sarah Wiener is successfully entered politics, and moved now for the Austrian Greens to the European Parliament in a

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Great success for TV chef Sarah Wiener (56): In Austria, she was elected as a candidate of the Green is sensational to the European Parliament. It hasn’t even been two years since unkten the political opponents Of the party. But Vienna’s cooked now had a political soup, with absolutely no one expected.

The well-known cook had applied last February for the list 2 of the Austrian party “The Greens – The green Alternative”, such as the ORF reported. Thus, the Ex-wife of actor Peter Lohmeyer (57, “Heidi tried”) to a very ambitious undertaking, flew the party in the last elections to the national Council but is smooth with only 3.8 percent of the Parliament. But with her as the tip of the spear they obtained the then sensational 13.5 per cent of the votes – the second-best Federal result for the party in Austria.

you posted a long Text on Facebook, in which she thanks the many voters. The picture shows them in front of the Museum quarter at the end of the Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna. “The Greens in Austria have risen. And not only half, but… you must be able to say: sensational, considering where we were a few months ago… (or were…),” she writes. It had been “wild weeks”, but the Confidence you’ve never lost, only a little melancholy have you felt sometimes.

Sarah Wiener: dance at the party

With the Motto “to be moved Back to the Green” you are on the side of the Austrian Greens chief Werner Kogler (57) the voters back to the party. She wanted to make “no clientele politics”, but for “a future worth living” work. “Professional policy is not an end in itself,” she says, “you have elected me to fight for our issues.” At the election party in Vienna’s “Metropolitan” in the 17th century. Municipality of the district of Hernals, laid in Vienna and Kogler in the victory a little dance on the floor, as the daily newspaper “die Presse” reported.

That the party has performed well, but is not alone on the well-known cook. Kogler is regarded as a down-to-earth and brought back so lots of voters into the Green camp. As “The press” further reported, the Styrian “there […] with dialect, since, with knowledge of the subject, and everywhere […] against ‘the law rowdy gang’ and the ‘crazy group logic – ‘” fulminated. Additional Wind in the sails have brought both the climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) initiated the environmental debate, a weak SPÖ and the Ibiza affair to the right-wing populist Ex-Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (49).

a long time society there are active

Sarah Wiener, however, more combative: “We are only starting to get up. […] We will not give up and I won’t give up.” For over a decade, she is an advocate for environmental and sustainable projects, for example, for species-appropriate animal husbandry and against genetic engineering. In addition, she founded the “Foundation Sarah Wiener For healthy kids and eat something.”

In the future, you swing your cooking spoon so in Brussels and Strasbourg, to spoil the political opponents of the soup. But most of all, she wants to make with the Green your own claims – because their bearings don’t have “the most powerful voice, but perhaps the most passionate.”



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