As expected, this action increased because of the coronavirus sick pay

March 25, President Putin in his address to Russians in connection with the epidemic and economic crisis, including said, “Now the hospital is calculated on the basis of the worker’s employment and his salary. As a result, employees, especially young people, can receive very low payment for sick leave. This, of course, unfair. I propose to establish a rule: the payment of hospital should be calculated based on the amount of not less than 1 minimum wage per month. While such a rule will be valid until the end of the year, and then take a decision given the situation.”

the next day, the government submitted to the state Duma the bill prepared by the Ministry of labor, which early realized this wish (officially, Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions following his speech only on 29 March).

Try to find out how generous this gift.

note: the usual method of calculation of benefits for temporary incapacity for work does not change. The right to paid sick leave has only one employee, with a salary which the employer pay the premiums to the social insurance Fund. Even if you don’t count the millions who no taxes and contributions do not pay officially exempted from paying premiums in the FSS and are not entitled to paid sick individual entrepreneurs and self-employed, for example. The size of a hospital depends on the size of legal salaries, which were paid contributions for the previous two years work (now the calculation is done on the basis of salaries in 2018 and 2019). And insurance experience. Insurance period from six months to 5 years – the hospital is 60% of average earnings during the previous two years, from 5 till 8 years – 80% of average earnings and more than 8 years – 100%.

But some part of operating legally the Russians have in the event of illness or quarantine are entitled to pay less than the officially fixed minimum wage equal to living wage. That is less than 12 130 rubles per month, or 6065 rubles for 15 days.

according to the explanatorythe note to bill and the financial-economic justification to it, sick less than the minimum wage per month get over 2 million people annually. Slightly less than half of them has insurance experience from 5 till 8 years, but such are their meager salaries, when calculating sick leave earnings shall be equal to the minimum wage, and given the experienced of cofficient out less than the minimum wage per month for illness or quarantine.

Now, as to the bill, so the Russians sick leave will be paid at least minimum wage. Budget, it will cost about $ 7 billion before the end of the year. Save you from hunger and poverty so the amount of the payment, especially given rising prices for food and medications?

the Second measure of social support proposed in the same bill refers to families receiving a monthly allowance in connection with the birth (adoption) of the first or second child. For the next 9 months it will be a relief: not have to apply for the appointment of payments for a new term, and to inform regional authorities about the change of residence. “During this period in order to preserve the health of citizens and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection (2019nCoV) in the Russian Federation, a visit to these bodies of citizens to receive monthly payments in connection with the birth (adoption) of the first or second child will be terminated and their purpose will be to carry out without filing citizens applications,” explains the government the essence of the initiative.

the state Duma Committee for labor and social policy approved the bill without a single comment. There is no doubt that they will vote for him and the state Duma.