Trump will discuss with Putin the coronavirus and the price of oil

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President of the United States Donald trump announced that he will soon have a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin. American head will discuss with the President of the Russian Federation the situation with the coronavirus and the price of oil, reports the Fox News channel.

it is Expected that the dialogue between Putin and trump will be held the evening of March 30. According to the leader of the United States, he expects Putin during the conversation, raise the issue of lifting sanctions against Russia.

this will be the case for oil prices and trade. In March it became known that among the factors that had a negative impact on the global economy, in addition COVID-19, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak called the drop in oil prices due to the failure of the transaction OPEC+.

Members of the cartel failed to agree on reducing oil production by 1.5 million barrels a day until the end of 2023, Russia and Kazakhstan refused.

March 11, the world health organization declared a pandemic of a novel coronavirus in the world. Europe became the center of the pandemic COVID-19. In the world are already infected more than 638 thousand people, more than 30 thousand died. Only in Russia were more than 1.8 thousand cases of coronavirus, cured 66 people.

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