As the fastest aircraft of the Soviet Union prevented a nuclear war in 1973

History 06/03/20 As the fastest aircraft of the Soviet Union prevented a nuclear war in 1973

the six-day war of 1967 ended with the complete Israeli victory over the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. The Israeli leadership was confident that by such a blow the enemy will recover soon, so concentrated all its forces to combat Arab terrorism. However, Egypt has not reconciled itself to the loss of the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez canal in 1973 began a new war. Not expecting the attack Israel decided to use nuclear weapons, and only intervened the Soviet Union stopped world war.

Egypt takes revenge

Immediately after the defeat of Cairo with Soviet help, began to rebuild the army and re-equip it. The same process occurred in Syria. The Soviet and Arab intelligence agencies failed to create an impression that the losing countries have accepted defeat and are not going to fight.

Thanks to the Soviet Union for six years the Egyptian army (the main striking force) was reorganized and equipped with modern offensive weapons. To each major division of the Egyptian army was assigned to the Soviet military experts who according to the agreements was not only to train soldiers but also to take direct part in hostilities.

the War “judgment day”

on the Morning of 5 October 1973, when the Jews celebrated the feast of Yom Kippur, whose name translates as the day of judgment, Egyptian troops crossed the waters of the Suez canal and attacked Israel. On the same day, from the North to the Golan heights went on the offensive the armed forces of Syria. In the first stage of the war the Arabs destroyed 3 thousands of Jewish soldiers, hundreds of tanks and aircraft.

the Attack of the enemy was a complete surprise, and a huge human and material losses of the limited resources of Israel raised the question of the very existence of the state of the Jews. Two days after the start of the war Minister of defense Moshe Dayan proposed to capitulate, but the Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir flatly refused.

strong-Willed woman-politician said that this can not be considered. She was ordered to lead 18 nuclear warheads on alert and bring them to Cairo and Damascus. On the same day about the plan of Israel to recognize the Soviet intelligence services.

the Reaction of the USSR

10 October, the Politburo approved the plan of the KGB chief Yuri Andropov forced Israel to abandon nuclear weapons. October 11, U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger received an appeal from Soviet physicists, which, in particular, stated that the decision of Golda Meir – it was a suicide, the consequences of a nuclear strike will be disastrous not only for Middle East but for the whole world civilization.

the Americans were given to understand that the USSR is associated with the Arab countries agreements on military cooperation and Moscow will not remain on the sidelines. In an extreme case, Israel will apply appropriate measures. USA forever, and the Soviet leadership went to the backup plan.

the MiG-25 over the tel-Aviv

October 13, at 6 a.m. the pilot of the fighter aircraft of major Alexander Vertalec was handed a package marked “top Secret. Open immediately!” Ten minutes later, Soviet pilot already in the cockpit of his MiG-25 got the second package with the words “of Special importance. After reading destroy!” The document stated the purpose and objective of the military operation.

the Fighter took off from a military airfield in the Astrakhan region, and in 8 o’clock in the morning the Israeli air defense radars spotted it in the skies over tel Aviv. The city’s sirens, and the aircraft headed a flight of modern French fighter “Mirage”. The requirement to land the violator ignored.

Unknown Board was moving two times faster than “Mirage”, and was at the height of 6 thousand feet, which was not available for French cars. Israeli pilots fired on aircraft missiles, but the goals they reached. An unknown enemy has increased speed and climbed to an altitude of 6,9 thousand feet. Teasing the Israeli air defense, the Soviet pilot made six laps around tel Aviv. To catch up with him and could not have sent to intercept American “Phantoms”.

the Pilot Alexander Vertalec was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. He made his first flight in a MiG-25 with a flight ceiling of 23 km and 3600 km/hour. Technical indicators made the car invulnerable for all air defense in the world.

the Israeli commanders understood the hint. Arabs have such sophisticated equipment could not be, and so it was a demonstration of power of the USSR. The myth of the Israeli air defense capabilities were dispelled, and the Prime Minister refused from nuclear attack. Save Israel from defeat helped the financial investments of American corporations, U.S. military aid, mediation of the Jordanian and Moroccan kings.

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